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SS This user's favorite Zelda game is Skyward Sword.

Hi. TSter The Great here. You may know me from the forums, as I used to have the same username there (which has recently switched to the much more likeable Mellow Ezlo). Anyway, I joined the ZD Wiki well over a year ago (probably closer to 2), and I used to edit a lot. However, it has been more than a year since I last contributed to the wiki, so I hope to become active over here again, and contribute more to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki.

About Me


TSter The Great...

Pretty much the most awesome person one will ever meet in his/her life. Be nice, for he does not tolerate rudeness in any way, shape, or form. You will regret it if you are mean to him at all. Play nicely :)

Aww, thanks Navi :D I guess you're not so annoying after all :3

I am 17. I currently reside in a small ski town located in the Kootenay Mountain Range of British Columbia, Canada. I have been an avid Zelda fan for as long as I can remember. My first video game I ever played was Ocarina of Time back in '99, and I instantly fell in love with the series. I have since gotten the chance to play almost all the games in the series, and I have beaten just over half of them.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'll be graduating high school at the end of this year. I'm pretty stoked for that :)

My Favourite Zelda Games

Listed below are all the Zelda games I have played, ordered from favourite to least favourite (top to bottom)

Wanna Chat?

If you feel the need (or the mere desire) to get in touch with me, then send me a PM or VM over at the Forums ( and/or add me on Skype (tster_the_great). Or, if you're lucky, you may sometimes find me at the forum Shoutbox, though I am mostly on at night.