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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) did somebody say b0000teeeeeyy wiki work

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About Me

I'm Atticus/Att/Atts/Atti/Atty/Atikus/@icus/Atticuz/Atti-kiss, and I have no life.


Skype - Add me on Skype! My Skype name is atticus_on_zd. As long as I know who you are on the site, then I'll add you. I'm not active on ZD skype, sorry (it's horrifying, i know, i know. oh jeeze, no need for the tears).

Screw past me, add me on Skype!

Activity + Computer Issues

Still having issues...

Activity - Busy with school!

Comp. Issues - Cooling fan is broken. Oh... Would you look at that. The actual computer is breaking in pieces... Great!

Current Projects

  • De-stubbing articles
  • Getting rid of redirects
  • Adding "|caption =" to pages with captions
  • Improving SS item/collectible/treasure pages

Have a Question?

If you ever have a question about what to do, how you input something, or whatever it may be, I'm there. Just ask me a question on my Talk Page, I'd be happy to help guide you in the right direction. If you want to ask me in private, feel free to send me a private message on ZD.

Darksiders Dungeon Wiki

I do some work on Darksiders Dungeon's Wiki as well as this one. You can find me on Darksiders Dungeon's Wiki by clicking here.

Zelda Games Completed

FYI, I don't 100% games. An asterik (*) indicates my current favorite.
Link's Awakening - Angler's Tunnel
*Ocarina of Time - Completed
Majora's Mask - Snowpeak Temple
Oracle of Ages - Wing Dungeon
Oracle of Seasons - Dancing Dragon Dungeon
The Wind Waker - Earth Temple
Four Swords - N/A
The Minish Cap - Cave of Flames
Twilight Princess - Completed
Phantom Hourglass - Completed
Spirit Tracks - Completed
Skyward Sword - Completed
A Link Between Worlds - Completed

Pokemon Games Completed

I'm more of a fan of Pokemon than I am of Zelda, so I thought I would include this because reasons.

Yellow - Never Finished
Red - Never Finished
Gold/Crystal - Never Finished
Sapphire - Completed
Leaf Green - Completed
Diamond - Completed
Pearl - Completed
Platinum - Completed
Soul Silver - Completed
White - Completed
White 2 - Completed
X - Completed


(No specific order)

Battle Revolution - Didn't bother to finish
Ranch - Didn't bother to finish
Poke Park 2 - Completed
Trozei - 3.75/4
PMD Blue - Completed
PMD Time - Completed
Gates to Infinity - 3.75/4
Conquest - Halfway
Gale of Darkness - Completed
Colosseum - Completed
Snap - Completed
Ranger - Completed
Ranger 2 - Completed
Ranger 3 - Completed
R/S Pinball - Halfway
Dream Radar - 1/3

Nikki Heat Novels

Personal book stuff.

Heat Wave - Finished
Naked Heat - Finished
Heat Rises - Chapter 4
Frozen Heat - Chapter 7
Deadly Heat - Chapter 1