Molblin's Magic Spear

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Molblin's Magic Spear
Front Cover



From $3.29 to $87.65

Release Date

United States 1989
United States February 1, 1990



Flag-United-States.png Western Publishing Company, Inc
Flag-United-States.png Golden Books


Jack C. Harris


Art and Kim Ellis






24 pages


8.2 x 8 x 0.1 inches


1.6 ounces





Molblin's Magic Spear is a children's story book based on The Legend of Zelda, that was licensed by Nintendo of America. The book was written by Jack C. Harris, and it has pretty good art that was illustrated by Art and Kim Ellis. It was published by Western Publishing Company, Inc in 1989, and Golden Books on February 1, 1990.[1]

Some copies of the book also came with an audio cassette tape which narrated the story, and it even featured the voice actors from The Legend of Zelda Animated Series who providing voices for the characters.[2]


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The story takes place during the events of The Legend of Zelda, including Link as the protagonist, and the secondary characters Molblin [sic], who is a moblin, a "strange man"; and Ganon, who watches Link through a crystal orb, making comments on the events of the story, while Princess Zelda looks on in the background.

The book includes a prologue, which recounts the sacking of Hyrule by Ganon. It then transitions to Link, as he is depicted sailing over a river, on a raft, and thinking that he must buy more "magic items" to be able to save Princess Zelda. He is then depicted travelling through the "thick, dark, and dangerous woods" when he thinks someone is staring at him. creeping around the rocks, he sees a strange man, and is about to confront him when the man opens a trapdoor beneath Link. It is revealed that the man was not acting maliciously, and that "[the] trap is the only way for [him] can get customers into [his] out-of [sic] the way shop". Misunderstanding resolved, Link buys a Magical Shield and a (singular, rather than 4 as is depicted in-game) bomb. Trading his last fresh water for information as to what his magic shield does, he is told that "Your shield will swallow a hit to a miss!"

Continuing his adventure, he eventually comes across Molblin, the self-described ruler of the canyon, who repeatedly throws his magic spear at Link, and every time he misses, it disappears and reappears in Molblin's hand. discovering that Molblin has bad vision, he makes a figure out of sticks, with his bomb as a head. then, as Link is preparing to lure Molblin to his trap, he realizes the meaning of the man's riddle, and lets [sic] the spear hit his shield, followed by minor pyrotechnics, and the shield "swallowing" Molblin's spear. Molblin then chases after Link, but due to his visual impairment, he grabs the bomb placed atop the figure, rather than Link. The possibility of Link being ableist is not discussed. The explosion of the bomb "blows him sky high", and he takes 3 days to find his way back to the canyon, by which time Link is gone.

Voice Cast In Cassette Version

Homebrew NDS Port

A homebrew NDS port of this book was created by DesertDog of Multiple Option in 2009. As well as the NDS version; multiple-option has also made a video version with narration by Winter11, animation by TheTwinSays, and music taken from Ocarina of Time. This NDS file can be downloaded here.[3]


  • In line with the first two games in Zelda Series, the word Moblin in spelled as "Molblin" throughout Molblin's Magic Spear, including the title.
  • Rupees are called Rubies in Molblin's Magic Spear, similar to the CD-i Zelda games.



Original cassette version with voice casting.

Video version by multiple-option (2009).