Enduring Nutcake

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"Restores and overfills your Stamina Wheel. Forest nuts give this cake a pleasant texture and a simple, understated sweetness."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

Enduring Nutcake is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

If Link cooks an Endura Shroom, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar and Goat Butter with either an Acorn or Chickaloo Tree Nut in a Cooking Pot, he will create Enduring Nutcake. Eating this will add Temporary Stamina to his Stamina Wheel, in addition to restoring a number of hearts. Cooking under a Blood Moon may increase this effect.

As a dish with five ingredients, the recipe cannot be further varied. Using an Endura Carrot in place of the Endura Shroom will make Enduring Carrot Cake instead.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Endura Shroom.png Endura Shroom
Acorn-BOTW.png Acorn
Chickaloo Tree Nut.png Chickaloo Tree Nut
Tabantha Wheat.png Tabantha Wheat
Cane Sugar.png Cane Sugar
Goat Butter.png Goat Butter

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