Cooking in Age of Calamity

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Cooking is a game mechanic in Age of Calamity, which can turn specified materials into boosts for the next scenario played. While it is styled after Cooking in Breath of the Wild, it actually has more in common with the Apothecary from the original Hyrule Warriors in design and function.

The Basics

Characters can learn recipes as rewards for completing scenarios from the story chapters, Challenges and Quests. These can be cooked on the scenario select screen, and give effects that throughout that scenario. Meals cannot be cooked unless they have been specifically learned.

Examples include Glazed Mushrooms, which combines two Stamella Shrooms and one Courser Bee Honey into a 10% movement speed boost, and a Chilly Fish Skewer, which cooks four Chillfin Trout to reduce damage from fire by 50%. A full list of meals can be seen in the box below: