Water Basin

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The Water Basin is an item in Skyward Sword. Link first sees it when Faron is recovering. She uses it to store Sacred Water.[1]

Water Basin




Puts out the fires at the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary

Later, while Link is traversing through the Volcano Summit area, he finds the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary blocked by a large wall of flames. Like in the previous few rooms, a switch resembling a tongue is situated above the fire, and Link must "quench its thirst" with water in order to remove the flames.[2] However, Gorko tells him that the switch is too big to just pour water from a Bottle.[3] He says that not only will he need a larger container, but also a larger amount of water.[4] Fi agrees and suggests that Link begins with the latter problem.[5] If Link returns to the small spring where he previously found the water, he finds a Mogma named Ledd waiting for him.[6] When Link explains his situation to him, he suggests heading to Lake Floria to find water.[7] Fi seconds his advice, and then she adds that Link can probably ask the Water Dragon, Faron, to use her basin.[8] Link can then set the basin as a Dowsing target.[9]

Link heads to Lake Floria and speaks with the Water Dragon. Faron allows him to take her Water Basin to the volcano to put out the fire there.[10] In order to carry the large basin, Fi calls Scrapper to take it for them.[11]

Upon returning to the Eldin Province, Scrapper hurries to try and make it to the Surface before Link and ends up in the Eldin Volcano region instead of on the summit.[12][13] Scrapper, noticing the monsters around the area, tells Link that he is too busy carrying the basin to deal with them and that Link must protect him on their way up to the summit.[14][15][16][17] If Scrapper is hurt by the enemies too much, then he malfunctions and they have to retreat back to the bottom of the mountain.[18] Finally, when they reach the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, Scrapper pours the water from the basin on to the switch and removes the fire.[19][20] He can then continue inside.


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