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Domidak (Brother)

Prissen is a character from Breath of the Wild who has knowledge about the creation of Elixirs.

Breath of the Wild

Prissen can be found alongside his older brother Domidak at the Dueling Peaks Stable. They look and dress the same, other than the colors of their clothing, with Prissen wearing a blue shirt and some light brown pants. He refers to his brother as Dak and thinks very highly of him. The two are treasure hunters and have the scoop on a nice treasure nearby.

Misko, the Great Bandit

Main article: Misko, the Great Bandit

When Link first finds the two brothers, he overhears them talking about Misko's treasure.[1][2] After realizing that Link can hear what they are saying, they stop chatting before giving more details.[3][4][5][6]

Link can chat with Domidak again, at which point the brothers quickly realize that Link knows too much about Misko's treasure. The two will gives about a nice treasure haul, but won't give Link all the information. Instead, they try to sell the information to Link at the cost of 100 rupees.[7][8][9][10][11][12]

If Link declines the deal, the two brothers don't seem upset.[13] However, Link can chat with them again at anytime to pay the 100 rupees and get the hint on the treasure. If Link pays the 100 rupees, Domidak will tell him a riddle about the treasure. Link must travel over the two nearby bridges and find a cave at the top of the river's source to the south.[14][15]

If Link claims that he solved the puzzle, before actually finding the treasure, Prissen will accuse him of lying, saying that there is no way a rookie can figure out the solution before his big brother.[16]


  1. I've got the scoop on Misko's treasure, and it's great! Listen up, Dak... - Prissen
  2. Prissen! Hang on! Hey, buddy! What's your problem? You aren't being incredibly rude and listening to our conversation, are you? - Domidak
  3. We're treasure hunters, on the trail of our latest score... The treasure of the great bandit Misko! It's as good as ours!' - Prissen
  4. Prissen! You're going to give it all away! - Domidak
  5. Sorry, Dak... I got carried away.' - Prissen
  6. Anyway, we're busy here, dude. If you need something, take it up with someone else. - Domidak
  7. You again? Pay no mind to my little bro's chatter from before. He's got a penchant for running his mouth with crazy talk. - Domidak
  8. Ahhh shoot. Welp. Can't say I didn't try to throw him off... - Domidak
  9. Hey, Dak... Why don't we just tell him? Maybe he'll leave us alone if we do. I mean, if we can't figure this riddle out, there's no way someone like him will be able to. - Prissen
  10. ...That's a good point. We're after nothing less than the treasure of Misko, the Great Bandit! Finding it would mean incredible riches... I'm not about to give this information away for free. I'm no fool! - Domidak
  11. That's the keen sense of the strongest treasure hunter at work! No gold left behind-not by Domidak! You're great, Dak! - Prissen
  12. It'll be 100 rupees to learn what we know. Truth is, it'd be a steal to get this exclusive scoop for 1,000 rupees... So what do you say? - Domidak
  13. Anyway. Misko's traesure-not that we were talking about such a thing-is only for the BEST of treasure hunters. That probably rules you out, bub. The fewer people after it, the better. And we've still got the scoop! - Domidak
  14. The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river's source. Misko hid the location of the treasure in some kind of strange secret code. I heard this from a former dog walker of one of Misko's underling's descendant's neighbors. As solid a lead as any. - Domidak
  15. Just knowing someone with good intel like that? Exactly what I'd expect from you, Dak! - Prissen
  16. There;s just no way a rookie like you could solve that puzzle before Dak! Not a chance! - Prissen