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Nikki (Wife)
Nebb (Son)
Narah (Daughter)

Nack is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Nack is a farmer who resides in Hateno Village where he lives with his wife Nikki, his son Nebb, and daughter, Narah, who all coincidentally have names beginning with the letter N. Nack spends most his day working the farm, where he wakes up at 5am to start work bright and early. Every four hours he will move about within the farm, working the soil, even while it is raining. He keeps working until 9pm, at which point he will return to his family at his nearby home, which is the furthest west home in Hateno Village.[1]

He maintains his garden located at the west end of town and will help guide Link around town.[2] Nack will tell Link about the many locations throughout the village, including the Kochi Dye Shop and its owner Sayge. He finds the man to be rather weird, but notes that he is the master of dyeing cloths.[3]

Nack also speaks about the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, found at the east-most part of town, at the top of the hill. However he mentions that the director of the lab, Purah, works night and day to supposedly keep the residents of the village safe. He mentions that Purah doesn't like children too much, but this dislike ends up causing the kids to get curious and snoop around.[4]

Nack will tell Link about Bolson Construction and the new model homes that are being built behind the general store. Nack loves the smell of the brand new houses and wishes to sleep inside one of them someday.[5] This will guide Link towards the sidequest titled Hylian Homeowner, where Link will eventually purchase a home from Bolson Construction.


  1. I worked myself to the bone today, but... I'm sure the effort will all add up to a great harvest. - Nack
  2. Oh, hey traveler... What's going on? Are you lost? Where are you looking to go? - Nack
  3. A strange place, huh... That could mean a lot of... Oh, wait! Are you talking about our resident Mr. Toothy? I mean, his shop's not call that. I think only I call him that. He runs the dye shop near the bridge. He is WEIRD. Yaeah, his real name is Sayge, and he's definitely a master of dyeing clothes, but he's also a master of weirding me out. - Nack
  4. Oh, a very strange place, huh? Only one place you could mean. The easternmost structure in the village, at the top of the hill... Yup, you mean the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, right? Its director does "research" there every day, supposedly to help keep us all safe, but who knows what THAT means! That director doesn't like kids all that much, so I hear the village tykes get curious and snoop around a lot... - Nack
  5. If you want somewhere to rest, the inn is the usual choice for travelers... But maybe you mean...the model houses behind the general store? Bolson Construction - yeah, they put those up. Nice beds, OK furniture... They've got that brand-new house smell. Wouldn't mind sleeping in that smell just once. - Nack