Mystical Seeds

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This article is about the items in the Oracle games. For the Slingshot ammo, see Deku Seed.

Seeds are items appearing in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. There are many different varieties and uses for them. They can be held in the Seed Satchel or, in Oracle of Ages, they can be shot out of the Seed Shooter.

Image Name Use Found
SeedsMystery.png Mystery Seed It has many different effects, depending on the object. It can activate Owl Statues and reveal Veran's true form. It also harms enemies. Suburbs of Horon Village, Deku Forest, Mystery Trees
SeedsEmber.png Ember Seed It burns enemies, sets things on fire, and lights torches. Inside the Seed Satchel after first obtaining it, Overworld, Ember Trees
SeedGale.png Gale Seed It warps Link to trees with this seed. They can also blow away enemies. Overworld, Gale Trees
SeedPegasus.png Pegasus Seed It allows Link to move faster. Overworld, Pegasus Trees
SeedScent.png Scent Seed It attracts certain enemies. Overworld, Scent Trees