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  1. Rensch

    How Did the Occoa Build the City in the Sky?

    I never understood this and I'm not gonna try it. I always found them creepy anyway.
  2. Rensch

    Why Did the Zoras in WW Evolve into Birds?

    I mean the official site, not the well-known fan-site. But I think i saw it somewhere else because it is not stated in the races section either. This is the site I meant: http://microsite.nintendo-europe.com/zelda-universe/ Forgot where I read the thing about the gods, though. Perhaps it was on...
  3. Rensch

    Why Did the Zoras in WW Evolve into Birds?

    According to the official Zelda Universe website it was because they could not live in Salt Water so the gods made them evolve into bird-like ceatures. The gods also transformed the Kokiri into Koroks so that they could fly on wind currents to plant new trees in the new Hyrule and make the...
  4. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Has Anyone Noticed...

    Yeah, I noticed this too. When the sun comes up it plays. I guess that makes sense.
  5. Rensch

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I beat the Master Quest 100% as well. Never really tried the Master Quest but it wasn't as different as I thought it would be.
  6. Rensch

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    It will be harder as the foes do twice the damage.
  7. Rensch

    Twilight Princess Twlight Princess: Gamecube Vs Wii Version

    I have not played the GameCube version, but from what I understand, it is fairly similar to the controls in The Wind Waker. I really liked the pointing mechanics in the Wii version. It made precise aiming so much better and it just felt way more natural than in The Wind Waker. I personally did...
  8. Rensch

    Easiest Boss?

    Jalhalla was really easy. It didn't give me much trouble.
  9. Rensch

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    Fishing Hole: Lush with pretty lighting effects. Zora's Domain: Huge waterfalls and the coral-looking throne room was pretty. Zora's River: The canoe sequence was amazing, as was the flying sequence. Lakebed Temple: That main hall with all the coral designs and the giant chandeleer blew my mind...
  10. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Was the Shadow Temple Scary when You First Played Through OoT?

    I found it to be pretty freaky. All those zombies and claws and bloody, pointy things really set the mood. The freakiest was the music though. Those deep brown voices sounded like a choir of demons hiding in the walls. I wasn't realy freaked out by the Dead Hand, though. You could see his arms...
  11. Rensch

    General Classic Most Difficult Temple (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)

    Both the Water Temple and the Great Bay Temple practically gave me headaches and took me several hours. Those water-based levels are often the hardest in video games, not in the least in Zelda games.
  12. Rensch

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    I admit it took me at least an hour to really get into the game, and another several hours to really appreciate it. Once you really get into the game however, you realise how truly unique and clever this game really is. Story-wise Majora's Mask is much better and much deeper than any other Zelda...
  13. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Did You Really Find the Water Temple As Hard As People Say?

    I beat it on Master Quest the other day and it wasn't that much harder, or at least not as much as I thought it would be.
  14. Rensch

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    Once. I'm trying to do the same in the Master Quest version now. It's not really much harder because only the dungeons are remixed, not the overworld.
  15. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time How Many of You Plan on Doing a Minimalist/ 3HC/Complete Run 4 Ur 1st Run in OoT 3D?

    A completionist run for sure. I've played this game so many times but I still want to get all the collectables whenever I replay it.
  16. Rensch

    What is Your Favorite NonZelda Game?

    I love the Pokémon series. The Black and White versions were, dissapointing, though.
  17. Rensch

    Whose The New Evil Dude That is In SwS

    It's a totally new character I think.
  18. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time "Navi" Meens Navigation?

    Actually, the name made it clear to me what purpose Navi had in the game from the start. So, yeah, I guess it's rather obvious.
  19. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Pronunciation of 'Ocarina'

    Oh-ka-ree-na I think it is. Sounds best to me.
  20. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Did You Really Find the Water Temple As Hard As People Say?

    I heard stories about people actually taking weeks or even months finishing the water Temple. It took me about three or four hours. But, yeah, it's still pretty tough because everything looks similar and you constantly have to raise and lower the water level. What's easy to overlook is the...
  21. Rensch

    Favorite Item?

    The Spinner! They could have done more with that. I hope they bring it back in Skyward Sword.
  22. Rensch

    The Legend of Zelda How Many of You Guys Named Link "Zelda" First Time Playing

    I think I used my own name. I was aware that Zelda was the princess.
  23. Rensch

    Majora's Mask Hardest and Most Annoying Sidequest.

    The Anju and Kafei quest drove me insane.
  24. Rensch

    What is Your Fav Island??

    Dragon Roost Island. That music was so awesome when I first heard it. It really sounded like a theme befitting an adventure accross the ocean. I liked the whole bird tribe as well as the dungeon on the island. And the dragon on top of it was awesome!
  25. Rensch

    General Classic Which is More Annoying? Navi's "Hey! Listen! Watch Out!" or Tatl's Bells and Chimes?

    Navi, there's no doubt about it. The sound of Tatl is much more subtle without making it unnoticeable.
  26. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Memories of Your First Time Playing Ocarina of Time

    I remember being freaked out by that hand monster in the Forest Temple.
  27. Rensch

    Groundhog Day 2011

    I had to look up what this is on Wikipedia and I'm utterly confused. At first glance this is the weirdest, most non-sensical holiday I've ever seen. A holiday... for the groundhog? Why the groundhog? So people basically get from all around to wait until a groundhog shows up? Weird, utterly...
  28. Rensch

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    Hey! You accidentally credited chiraku instead of me in the line about the Mario mask! :(
  29. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    The Water Temple was the toughest one for sure. That one took me hours to complete the first time I playerd it. Once you discover there's a secret basement under the central pillar and find that pesky missing key, everything starts to make a bit more sense.
  30. Rensch

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    At the beginning of the game, when you meet the Happy Mask Salesman, check out the masks he has. While some of them are simply masks you can actually obtain in the game, a few one of them are rather odd. He also has a Mario mask, a mask that has the same frightened-looking face that you find on...
  31. Rensch

    What Countries Have You Visited or Do You Want to Visit?

    I have been in far too few countries. I personally live in the Netherlands but I have also visited Belgium, Denmark and France. I've been in Germany and Luxembourg as well but that was only when driving through them on the way to Denmark and France. Countries that I'd love to visit are: -...
  32. Rensch

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    Ocarina of time is better. I personally think Majora's Mask has the better story but it also has some major annoyances such as having to parts of the game again, the time limit that frustrated in the dungeons, the saving system and, most importantly, the fact that you lose all your stuff if you...
  33. Rensch

    What is your color?

    Red, I like the warm, passionate feeling of it.
  34. Rensch

    Family Guy

    Those first say, three seasons where very creative and full of carefully written jokes. That was when it was still an 'underground' show. Nowadays, there are some occasional episodes that reach that type of quality but there also lots of crappy episodes full of random nonsense jokes that make no...
  35. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Ever Beat the Temples Without the Original Order?

    I never realised you could do that, but I guess you can if you get the items first and then leave the dungeons before beating the boss. I knew you can do the Shadow and Spirit ones in any way you want, though.
  36. Rensch

    What Is The Minish Cap?

    It's Ezlo. Most Zelda games are named after an item that Link acquires in the game, so it would seem logical that that is the case here, too.
  37. Rensch

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Girl: Lot Boy: Bas I like simple, short names that are easy to pronounce and not too sissy.
  38. Rensch

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    It is hard to make a good opinion about Wikipedia. On one hand, everyone can contribute to it, making it easy for errors to slip in, on the other hand you can just go ahead and correct and don't have to wait a year for a correction. Its biggest strength is also its biggest flaw.
  39. Rensch

    Favorite Ocarina Song

    Saria's Song. I just love it because it is so cheerful and upbeat.
  40. Rensch

    Island Theories

    If I'm correct, some of the basic geography of Hyrule is still visible in Wind Waker. Dragon Roost Island is where Death Mountain is in Ocarina of Time, the Forest Haven and Forbidden Woods are where Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods where. The Deku Tree is probably the Deku Sprout from OoT. The...
  41. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sage?

    Saria, the forest sage and your childhood buddy. If only for that awesome ocarina song.
  42. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Should I Choose Ocarina of Time?

    Majora's Mask is a game you need to get into. Ocarina of Time is more accessible and one of the better ones to start the series. I strongly suggest playing it and then try MM again if you enjoy OoT. MM is not the best game to start your VC collection of Zelda games, but more of a game for the...
  43. Rensch

    Recommendation- Wind Waker or Links Awakening DX?

    I prefer Wind Waker. I'm not really that much of a Link's Awakening fan, i'm not really sure why though.
  44. Rensch

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    I was born in April 1987 so I think it must have been Adventure of Link.
  45. Rensch

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    I think Majora's Mask is darker story-wise. Twilight Princess is darker in graphical style.
  46. Rensch

    How Goron Babies Are Born. (made Up Theory)

    Yeah, I always wondered why there seem to be only male Gorons. All the other races had females.
  47. Rensch

    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    A little pixel art I made as an avatar. It's based upon the game The Wind Waker.
  48. Rensch

    The Lord of the Rings

    I loved these films, and i love them even better if you consider how hard to adapt Tolkien's sacred masterpiee must've been. I can't wait for the hobbit movie.
  49. Rensch

    Hardest Boss in OOT

    The first form of Ganondorf because if you run out of magic refills you're screwed. The second one was ridiculously easy if you know that you need the hammer.
  50. Rensch

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple in OOT

    I liked the Fire Temple a lot. But it's a close call as they were all some of the most impressive dungeon designs in the series.
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