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  • I just feel like I'm cheating the game companies that make the games for us by playing with an emulator. That's just a personal thing though; I really don't mind that other people use it. On a side note, I just can't imagine playing with a game made for a console/handheld on a computer keyboard. How does that work? :eek:

    Thanks for all that. Kirby is a platformer, correct? I won't even start to tell how awful I am at those, but now I do remember that my cousins are Kirby fans. It'll probably benefit them more to get the Dream Collection instead of me, and when I see them each week I can play it with them. X3 They have Canvas Curse on the DS -- how did that fare compared to the rest of the series?
    ROM as in emulator? That's really not my thing. ^_^; I did try that Kirby demo on Super Smash Bros. Brawl though. :D I might get a Kirby game one day; I'm not sure yet.
    Yes I was talking about Bejeweled and no, I haven't played a Bejeweled game lawl. I've played alot of games in the past, but I haven't really played too many new games in a while, I've wanted too but their a bit expensive at times. The last smash bros. game I played was Melee, and that was 3 years ago, so I guess I'm turning away from my hobby XD.
    Oh okay lol. They're shutting down anyways.
    Well, you do have a point actually lol....um, is That game an RPG? To be fair I've never played any of those games so I wouldn't know XD. Well, I have played galaga but that's all.

    Theres nothing wrong with it, I just would rather not look like an idiot or make my friends feel stupid because they don't know what I'm talking about lol. They don't call me a loser, but it makes me feel like I'm putting them in an uncomfortable position.

    Yeah, speaking to alot of people I can't see their beady little eyes, so it makes it easier lol.
    G4 is a game TV network lol XD. I'll probably check them out then. Mass Effect is a space-ish type game, with aliens and all that jazz. I like talking about games as well, but sometimes I feel like a nerd or I'm getting annoying so I tend to stop. I used to be a shy person, but after making myself talk to people because my friends wouldn't quit about "Oh, your so shy gury, you such a loser lol", I decided to prove everyone wrong.I don't like talking to small groups of people, but I can with big groups, it feels less personal for some reason XD.
    AHAHAHA I UNDERSTAND. >:3 I spent a good five minutes reading over your explanation trying to get it... I'm usually really bad with stuff like this... >_<;
    Yeah, I've played target shooters before. I've seen the poo monster boss fight on G4.....it's quite demeaning lol. Metroid is/was one of their biggest franchises, I've just never played them, I'm more into RPG and adventure. So conduit is like Mass effect then...... I may just check it out. lol, I don't have as big of a reply as you XD.
    ...OHHHH you mean like how you can buy a different amount of things with the same amount of money depending on how the economy is? Like you can have 1 dollar/100 yen and buy a lot more with it in 1950 than if you had a dollar in 2012? So with the economy now, 1 dollar is STILL 100 yen, but you can only buy something worth 80 yen?... Right? Right?... T_T;
    I've never played Link's Crossbow Training or Conker, how are they? I just like going online and beating everybody in a game, it shows my skill XD. I've never really played any spaceship games, except for the space battles in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I've also never played a Metroid game or Conduit. Not getting them used to annoy me like crazy, but it frees up alot of time skip 16 heart pieces so I just do whatever in the game I guess.
    i like most shooters, but i wouldnt go out and buy the annual cod release i think its a waste. i used too beat everything in a game but i got bored getting that last heart piece for the 7th time so i decided just too beat what i felt like rather then the whole game.
    (I had a feeling you were going to say something like that. XD)

    I... sorta... get what you mean. So as of now, 1 dollar still equals 80 yen, but the worth of 1 yen is still like a penny to us... Right? :D

    Yeah, I can vaguely remember that he did give himself amnesia, and there was something about a shadow, though I can't remember why or what for. o_o
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