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  • And that was really short....damn.......I'm relying on you to send me alot of paragraphs, you know that, right? xD
    Hmmm, really? Could you show me where she said that? That's pretty interesting actually...xp

    Awwww, why don't you have an apple in your backpack? Actually, it would suck to leave it in there, so it's probably for the best xD

    Treat religion...like my *****.....Okay then :xd: That's almost a bit..."graphic", but that works xD

    Oh, okay, I just had to make sure...I don't want to seem like a prick or something xD, but thank you for pointing that out :)

    Ahh, I see then, just let me know when you can though, that'd be pretty cool :)
    So wait a moment, are you only saying it's fine because I was late in replying? xD Anywhoezer, I do the same, except I play Xbox like all night, and by that I mean until either i fall asleep while playing, or I turn the game off. It gets boring sometimes, but I always have a party open so someone can just jump in at any time xD Hmmm, I'd much rather have to type something on a kindle then a 3DS.....(I just had to say that xp) Ahhh, so the XL probably wouldn't be too good for you, eh?

    Wow, that's an awful reason to be famous...I'd die of embarrassment probably. Or, I would at least try and be good....at....something?

    Hmmm, I guess you can say you stole the example from me? I mean, I won't say you're wrong....:lol:

    Hmmm, because I would be too vague and wouldn't want any animosity going around :sweat:
    Yes, you're making sense, though you mine as well make false accusations, right? I'm joking again xD Still, I know people who do that everyday and just make cuts at the other persons character, instead of being half-way intelligent..
    Also, sorry about how long that took me to respond, but I tried twice on my 3DS when the modem kept messing me up, so I just decided to wait until I had a computer....this was condensed quite a bit, as well
    Thank you, that makes this easier for me xD (I'm just making a funny :))

    Ahh, okay, I get you then, just wanted a bit more elaboration and yes, I do see what you are getting at.

    Hmmm, that is a very interesting example, and I will most likely use it one day(if, of course, you don't mind). But, now that my curiosity has peaked at the moment, do you in fact have an apple in your backpack? xD Oh, and again, I get what your saying xp

    Yeah, I understand that, it's a hard thing to believe. Most things I am like that, like ghosts and such, but other then that, it's...yeah xD

    I probably don't have to say this(because I'm 99% sure you've guessed by now), but I do believe in that :) To be honest, that is somewhat how I look at life, though. I mean, I know I said it sounds depressing, but I've never wasted my time actually thinking about it, because that's that much more time I've lost. I mean, when I was younger I would regret things that I'd done, but now it seems too childish, so I try not to think about the different outcomes that could've happened. However, I am aware that I could die at any moment, so i like toi not have any grudges/unfinished business with people, so when it does happen I'll be set for it in a way.

    Well, you would have to read the book of Revelations(or a few verses of it, just to get the basic jist) to get a better understanding...errr, I mean that'll at least help explain what I'm talking about.

    Well, it's not a fear of God damning you to hell or wronging you, it's more a fear of how small and unknowledgeable humans are. Well, that's how I've interpreted it anyways.

    Yeah, it does come down to the people, but like that little comic said, most of the time it's extremists from a so-called "religion" that is in fact radical. Oh, and that comis was pretty good, I actually like the humorous way they make fun of a big problem. And I agree, keep it to yourself and let other's believe what they want to.

    Again, that would require reading some of the Bible to help you understand my understanding....I'm not even sure what the hell I just typed xD About the sin thing, if you read parts of Genesis(and only if you believe it...just so you get where I'm coming from) it says that all of mankind will be born with sin. So, Jesus sacrificed himself to redeem us of our sins, because we are born un-clean. Well, the thing about religion(the way most should be) is morality. Thinking bad things about another is defined as immoral, so that would be a sin, but I do understand your logic there :) (That was a vague response just now because I forgot what I was doing xD).

    Yeah, that's stupid to think that way. If people have feelings for one another, then they should be together, they'll sort things out.

    Oh, no, you completely misunderstood me xD yeah, I will tell them I'm not gay but I appreciate the gesture, but if they keep on I have a problem with it. Now, if the person KNOWS I'm not gay and is just ****ing with me, then I will also have a problem. That is pretty funny, though it'd be a bit odd if it was the other way around xD

    Ahh, okay then. Yeah, that's probably something that I woulodn't get at the moment, since I just started learning xD To be honest, when iplay games I like doing that so there isn't any periods of...nothingness, or the ones that are there are really short, though I've recently been playing less so I'm not sure what I would end up doing. Well, I'm glad you told me about that, I might have gotten the wrong game xp

    I hope you do have alot more to say, I'm actually enjoying this :) and it's fine, I sometimes make no sense at all when I message(look above) xD And ok, if you do just any time :)

    Oh my god, I couldn't agree with you more, I believe Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana only got where they are for their looks, not actual talent. I personally don't see why anyone would like them, but just like with religion, to each his/her own.

    Damn ,that's actually an example I was going to use...Damn you xD But yeah, since you stole it I do agree with you about that, :)

    I would hope you don't wanna fight with me...you would win....
    Okay, so I split this message into 2 because I would really hate to have to re-write that on my 3DS XD And about the animal thing, I've also never understood why people say they just die and then.....nothing. That makes like no sense at all, due to what you just said.

    Ahh, so would it be fair to say you're an agnostic? Anyways...that Morgan Freeman thing really made me laugh xD And being beat by god in video games was pretty humorous too :) Oh, and also hope the sme thing about the afterlife, thinking about their just being nothing is far too cryptic for me, though I have those exact thoughts before.

    Don't worry, I took no offence, and I also hope aren't offended and yeah...that was alot to stylus out XD

    Yeah, i know what you meant about connection, I was just going off topic about meanings in songs :) Sometimes, it doesn't matter how many times I hear a song, I still won't like it sadly enough :(

    Ahhh, then I will most likely get it, though I'm not sure when it will be.

    Oh, and one last thing; if you want to continue that conversation we were having on skype just PM me, because I can't get on skype with my 3DS :)
    Oh I see then, so it's not really long doing it, it just takes awhile to get to that point? Errr, I hope that's what you mean, otherwise I'm going to feel really dumb xD

    Oh, yeah, you did tell me, I just wasn't if we were talking abiut the GBA games or the Gamecube :)

    Well, of course you can VM me still; I'd actually be a little sad if you stopped :)...And it helps me learn to read XD

    Ah, well thank you then, but you didn't have to do that. Oh well, it does make it shorter....looking xD Hmmm, uber long, eh? I love that word :pikalove:

    Well, at least you respect my views on it, not many people do, so thank you. That is true actually, well it's possible anyways XD

    Well, if you are in fact a believer and that did happen, then that would signify the end of times(if you believe in such things)...oh, and for me it's the devil/satan XD But it's fine, gives me something thought-provoking to think about :)

    In the context I used, yes, it was a bad reason. That, and I was trying to be a bit vague, so that probably didn't help. Actually, if you read the Bible, it says you are to fear God because he is a jealous God. I agree it sounds weird, but the 'fear' is meant as fearing his power; not God himself. That's been my understanding of it anyways.

    Now, that is true that alot of violence is spawned from religious views; the thing about that, though, is it's ALWAYS a religious cleric/radical instead of the moderate person. Personally, I have no problem with any other faith, or lack therreof. I do, however, have a problem when someone says my faith is less 'good'(I know....that's an awful way to put it XD) theirs. About the radical thing though, an example would be like a suicide bomber blowing up a train station or airplane because their 'religious leaders' said and taught that if you commit this act of martyrdom in the name of their 'lord',then you go to heaven. To me, that's no religion, it's more like a sick way to control.

    See, about the being a good person I would agree with because that DOES make sense. But, if you do believe in the Bible and Jesus sacrificing himself for us, then not believing is basically shunning his sacrifice(again, that's only if you do believe).

    Oh, believe me, I know what that's like, but most of that time me and the other person don't again, because it just becomes awkward as hell, so that's why I don't wanna argue with you xp

    Only some of the religious people do that, not all of us. I personally have no problem if someone is gay, it doesn't really bother me. That being said, I myself don't agree with it (meaning I'm not gay), but as long as the person doesn't try to be gay to me, then it's fine with me. I do know people who are like that gay people though, and they're time would be better served minding their own damn business, because being an *** to someone for no reason is stupid. I actually have strong feelings against those who are like that, but that's because I've gone through similar situations.
    Well, that would be pretty awesome, though it might be a bit...complicated.
    So, how long would it take to record a process that long? I mean, it seems like that would be one hell of a long video XD. I'd still watch them if you were to make them, but it would suck if you wasted all that time just to show me something. That is true, though I'm not sure what game we are currently talking about xD

    I also hope the same thing to be honest, though it might be a few weeks or maybe even months. But, I am currently on a computer instead of a game device now, so when you get on...enter the SB, because it won't work on my 3DS XD

    Yeah, I understand that, but that's the main reason I don't talk about it; no one ever listens to my view on it or respects my opinion on the matter. Well, I just laugh off someone who's trying to argue a ridiculous point, I see no need in wasting my time with it, because that person will most likely never get where I'm coming from. I do agree about the dickish thing, and it gets your point across, so I wouldn't say it's lame, just not very...thought provoking xD

    Now, I have obviously responded to that last part about religion and such, so I mine as well continue :) See, my reason for believing (and this is where arguments start, just saying XD) is that God gave us the freedom of choice. Now, if God were to appear in front of you, that would strip away that one freedom, because you would have no other choice but to believe. Now, I know I didn't do that well at all, but I'm trying to limit what I say on religion, so I will give vague reasons on it instead of saying alot, it just makes me feel awkward XD I do agree people lie(I pretty much have to :)). I actually have that same problem, in which someone can tell me something and I'll be thinking "Yeah, sure thing" and then I'll question the person about what they said. I know it makes the other person feel weird or awkward, but I'm not just going to let someone lie to me and think I'm dumb, I've never been like that. I used to lie to try and get out of trouble, until I realized what you just said about getting in more trouble, and I personally won't lie to someone if they want my honest opinion. I mean, people may say white lies are better then being honest, but rarely ever does it work and then you find yourself seeming like a jerk later on.

    I see your point and understand your reasoning behind it, I just respectfully disagree with you. I mean, it's possible but...I guess it could just be fear, though that makes no sense at all XD. Honestly, I do hope that you're not trying to cause an argument here, because that would hurt my feelings quite a bit :) I am also trying to not cause one as you can possibly tell(and the fact i said it). I agree about the fighting thing, I've actually lost friends from defending my opinions and such, then again that could just be me being a loser xD.

    Okay good :). Yeah, I like electric guitar as well, possibly because I play guitar. I play in the style of Tool/Skillet....well most of the time anyways. When I'm angry I'll usually play Metallica's Master of Puppets or some other thrash metal song, just to vent, you know? I also don't care about religious connections to bands, because Tool is the most anti-religious band ever(listen to the lyrics and you'll see) and they're my favorite band.

    Yeah, that's why I don't listen to country/gospel music, it just doesn't work for me. I don't really find any "connection" to songs, I just think the lyrics are words that sound good with the music, though I might be wrong, and I might be right. What I mean by that is the lead singer of Tool(Maynard) has never been raped in prison, and yet he makes a song about it. About the language of a song...at first I thought you meant like cussing XD, but yeah, that's a lame reason not to like a song. Me, I don't really like scream-o; not because I can't understand it, but because I just can't seem to get into it. I guess I'm very particular with my music, because I like Metallica/Megadeth but can't stand othe rmetal such as Slayer or Anthrax. I like the Killers but I don't like Fall Out Boy, and they're pretty similar. Nah, that is funny, albeit a bit graphic :)

    I can only listen to a few instrumentals, but I do understand that; I like the song Orion(which is an instrumental) moreso then the song Leper Messiah. They're both by Metallica, it's just all I could think of at the moment. Orion has one of the best bass solo's ever wrote at 3 minutes in the song(that's based on a poll, not personal opinion), so if you like instrumentals you should listen to it :) Ummm, I don't really like eggs, so your example is lost on me....not really XD

    Damn, that's expensive I'm sorry :( At least you know someone who might fix it for you, that'd be nice.

    Due to time restraints right now(meaning I'm not sure if I'm leaving soon) I will wait to say something about the Sonic adventures XD

    Ahh, okay that's fine then, I'm just glad you told me :) I have yet to play Super Mario Galaxy 2....or the first one, so are they any good? Yeah, I haven't played my Wii in months, though my reason is for not wanting to get bored with my Zelda games. I am going nearly 2 years without playing Majora's Mask, still just holding out for a remake, you know, so there's at least a little bit of freshness to the game xp
    I've never owned a Paper Mario game so maybe I should get one :) But seriously if I stacked up my backlog of games it would be taller than me :P So I have some stuff to get through first. I'm sorry, it shouldn't have taken me this long to reply to this...
    Have you made more progress since?
    Hmmm, I'm not sure.... you think of something xD

    Well, I guess that's one way to put it....though it would be more accurate to say I don't have a computer at the moment XD

    Yeah, I'm fine at talking about religion, I just see no need in possibly starting an argument. All I'd have to say about it is probably the same you'd have to say...but maybe the opposite. I've talked about it with parents, cousins, etc., but with other people it's weird to me. xp

    Yeah, I'll most likely check them out it sounds like I should like them :)
    Yeah, Skillet(to me) sounds alot like Tool, though Skillet is a religious band and Tool is anti-religious. I'd say Skillet are Tool wannabes(because Tool came out in 1992) but that sounds like I'm knocking Skillet....hmmm, I hope you get what I'm saying xp

    Ah, I see then. That's happened to me before, but I didn't have too much important stuff on it so I just cut my losses. It sounds like you lost alot though....how would one go about getting it back? Hmmm, how much does something like that usually cost?

    It's cool yeah, just not very practical xp You made your own? Damn, I would've never had the patience or will-power to do that, so you've got my respect for that:)

    20,000 rings at 20 a time....that's like 1,000 thousand mini-games that would take forever. The problem is I don't have a GBA anymore, I either lost it or someone stole it :( So, basically it's not ¨hard¨, just time-consumig? Well, I might would be able to do it then, just no GBA is still a problem.

    Yeah, I found out after I sent the message that my Wii would work, it just had to confirm registration XD
    Nah, your posts are fine, just alot to memorize xD. Okay, I think I may get the evolve thing then....kindof xp

    Well, as of right now it's all I got and I'd rather not wait a week to respond XD

    Well, I'm a christian, so I've an idea; lets not talk religion. I do agree with you about not shoving your beliefs on others, I just prefer letting people make their own choices.

    It would be pretty cool to learn something like that; the only problem is that i was the only one that learned it so it was useless :(

    I'm not sure what E Nominee is actually, so I should check them out :) The bands name is Tool, they're a hard-rock/metal band so I'm not sure if you would like them or not XD. Now, if you were to listen to them, I recommend the songs Schism, Sober, Aenema, H.(that's the name of it, just H.), Eulogy, Prison Sex(which is my favorite song, to be honest XD) and Vicarious. If you end up liking them I would get the cds Undertow and Aenima(they're not their best cds, just the easiest to listen to, Lateralus is their best one) because those two cds have all but two of the song I just listed. In my opinion, Undertow is better because of Prison Sex, but Aenima has less of a thrash metal sound, so you might prefer that one; and the fact that Aenima has their first grammy winning song, Aenema. It's not my favorite by them, but it rocks and is just mesmerizing xD. If you do buy them, you won't be able to get them at wal-mart, because of the ¨explicit¨ content and artwork. Oh, and Aenima has that german song I was talking about (Die eier von Satan), so just check that one out first :).

    Out of all of those I like the look of Kira the most but the jewel is basically just a color difference?So, if I was to do the chao thing it would be hard for me to get the ones you have...hmm, that sucks XD.

    It's no problem you're fine :)....unless you star spamming emotes XD. Hmmm, it won't let me message you through my Wii, is that normal?
    Oh and sorry for not saying more and being vague or not making since just then, but I just had to type all of that and what I'm typing right now with my 3DS(I'm still not around a computer) so I wold lose my train of thought and just forget XD
    Yeah...that was quite long XD but it's fine :). Sure, you can keep talking about it and send the pictures, it's no problem.

    So, I know this comparison is wrong, but when you say evolve I think pokemon for some reason xp. Hmmm, that's quite a bit of types (and I like the names) personally I would want the dark ones, but that's just out of habit from playing RPG's like Star Wars KOTOR XD

    Nah, I wouldn't call you a dork...I'm more of a dork because I learned a fake star wars language a few years ago, so that's pretty nerdy XD You know, I feel the same about internet info/people, it seems like they just make up alot of stuff. This one time when I was about 11 (I know I've probably told you this but I'm doing it again XD), I was looking up secrets and unlockables for Ocarina of Time and I came across someone claiming to be able to get a flying white horse (basically a Pegasus) by beating the Lon Lon Ranch races in thirty seconds or less. So, I spent countless hours trying to beat before I came to the conclusion that either the person was lying or that it's impossible to beat it that quick...I was so heart-crushed from it because of the wasted hours XD. I'm like that with oot and mm because I've been playing them since I was 3 and 5, respectively...you know, because that's how old I was when they came out.

    Yeah, some people are just weird like that, I wouldn't hurt the chao or anything like that. It's like those online animal games where people just let them starve; I think if you're just going to do that then don't even play it, so I agree with you :)

    So, the Chao is like an achievement/unlockable then? Errrr....you said it was so yeah XD

    I'm not exactly what a jewel chao is xp

    Well, I guess it all depends on the language the song is in then, because I've been listening to this song sung in german for 13 years and all I can sing from it is "UN KEINE EIER!!!!!"....I'm not exactly sure that's how you spell it(it probably isn't), but yeah. The song is called Die eier von Satan if you want to check it out...I won't tell you what it means because it will ruin your first listen to it and you seem like you would look up what it means anyways :) Believe me, the name of the song isn't as bad as it sounds if you say it in english XD, but if you don't like dark music then you probably won't like it. I don't really listen to that much of this kind of music, it's really just one band and it was on the CD so I have to get my moneys worth XD
    Ah okay, just let me know when you do :).

    I actually just got my Wii out of my duffle bag to hook it up to the internet because I've been playing CoD Black Ops 2 XD. To be honest, I haven't played Sonic in years, and I'm not sure what you mean by raising Chao I'll still talk about it though xp

    I can't even do lyrics, its just when I watch Japanese movies I look at the subtitles and then just start copying the movie in real life.....I've had quite a few conversations where I would start doing it on accident XD
    okay, i got my wii code xp it is 2331-7918-8191-1863 it seems like its been awhile since we started talking about animal crossing xD
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