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  • Yeah, it's a little embarrassing

    I would get on it right now but I don't have a TV to use at the moment so i will do that when I get the chance :)

    Yes, especially a small dog xD if one was too be in my face then yes a squirrel too

    NP, it's better then I can I'm sure, the most I know is lines from movies xD
    It was in those little ear plugs piece, I had BB's in my pocket and forgot xD

    Errr, I don't know my wii code....damnit

    Yeah, that's true but it's just a fear I have of all small animals xp

    You took japanese? That's pretty cool, I didn't take any language classes because I'm homeschooled and whatnot xD. Pretty interesting, I like it :)
    I'll tell you anyways, I was putting on my headphones and there was a bb stuck in it, so that's basically the jist of it. It's a bit embarrassing but oh well xD.

    Okay, I shall write that down then.

    I personally don't like my cats laying on because I think they're going to end up biting my face

    Yeah, I do but sometimes I don't have access to a computer so i have to use whatever is around xp

    Oh, I see the distinction then, hmmm I guess I'm not new then xD
    Ahh, okay just whenever you get the chance :)

    I have never been to the dentist so I cannot say whether or not I have a fear of it xD. I had to go to a doctor once though, because I got a bb stuck in my ear....yeah. well, I've been more then once I just can't remember any other happenings at the moment. My brother had to get a filling when he was like 9 or something, but that was too long ago for me too say for sure unless I checked.

    What I do to avoid nervousness I just put on music, but I guess that could work too. I always mess up with words so its fine if you do once or twice xp. My cats just lay on my dog to sleep xD

    I hadn't heard it was going to be more then one part...hmmm interesting. Errrr...that's a peculiar way to make his language, I probably would've started laughing when I watched it.

    Thank you again and the same for you...unless I already said that xD.

    Nah, it's fine I usually have alot to say but there's just been alot for me to think about recently and having to type it out with an Xbox controller is time-consuming xD.

    If you think about it I still am kind of new, it's only been three months xp
    Thanks, Akuhime :)

    The two names on the main signature, Blood Shadow and Lord Vain, are more or less the names given to the two sides of my coin...the light and the dark of my being. The whole "White Sun and Burning Moon" thing on the userbar is what I like to call me and my girlfriend--I am the Sun and she is the Moon. As for the quote though, there was a picture I came by once and it had that saying on it, I liked it so much myself and as such decided to put it in my signature. Yeah, that's gotta be my favorite saying now, heh.
    What I meant there was basically this:

    - First I said that regardless of different belief systems, it's kinda sad to me when people assume every mention of a holiday is an attempt to force the belief on them because sometimes bringing up the holiday could be well-meaning, like when someone tells you "Merry Christmas" wishing you a good day, like you said, as opposed to when someone doesn't accept the belief system of someone who wouldn't share the religious belief system.

    - Next, when you said this: "Because I'm certain it's NOT sad to think of a Holiday in the manner of "Just a day to enjoy with family and friends" I said it's not sad to me at least as in agreeing with you there, because I don't think holidays being looked at like that is sad at all. In fact, it's how I look at holidays like Christmas myself (well, we've also got others that probably do have a more purely religious nature over here, but I'm disregarding those xD).

    Lol hope that cleared things up. Oh, and thanks about what you said about my username. Yours is interesting too. Sounds less crazy than mine. xD

    By the way, thought it would be better to clear up here since we were probably clogging the shoutbox. :lol: Hope that un-confused you. =P
    Okay, I will try and get it I'm sorry I haven't done it yet though :(

    Oh okay I see....errrr, What is your friend code then? This will actually be the first time I've ever used a Wii online, but I'm sure you figured that out xD.

    Man, I've also been wanting to watch The Hobbit, I was going to ask you if was any good, but oh well I'm sure it will be. I will probably buy Wreck it Ralph then, but I thought it was going to have a Zelda cameo....that makes me upset :(

    Why thank you, Aku. ;), you are awesome xD
    It's a pretty awesome console :)
    I wish Nintendo Land had online play though.
    Also now there is a thread for Wii U IDs, would you like me to add you to the list? I'll add you on my console when I get home from my holiday.
    Ah, I see what you mean then. Is it fair for me to say similar to the Sims? I haven't played the sims much, so I can't really say so I'm not insulting the games. The no ending is kind of like a TV show or movie that would never end then, in a way. Well, I guess not considering all movies and shows end...xD

    Okay, I get the name as well now...I think. Well, I get the basic jist of it anyways.

    I don't know how it would be sad either, I was just wondering xp, but I will surely get the Wii version, don't worry about that.
    and no, I meant I broke everything for my Wii except the console and controllers....basically the accessories, but I have to ask, how do I add you on the Wii?

    We shall revive it, and make it the number something Julius game on ZD XD in fact, I actually just posted in it.

    You know, I agree completely, because it makes non-gamers think all we do is play games with killing people. Personally, I like to play all types of games and get offended when people say something like "Oh, your an awful person and you do is play games", I mean, it's stupid. That's just like saying all dogs a killers because a few have killed. I actually believe there is more graphic subject matter in movies, so I would rather not be told that. I also agree with saying that too people, especially when asking about Zelda on CoD online. Very few people have played it, and the ones who haven't say it's gay and stupid and kiddy, so I argue alot with people i can't just let it go.

    I also don't watch many movies and not many times do I rewatch them, and Disney/pixar are actually my favorite companies xD
    I liked the Lord of the rings though, but i haven't seen Wreck it Ralph yet.

    Hmm, I have noticed that before :)

    Oh, sorry about the really long wait, that was my fault I had to leave for awhile. Anyways, Merry Christmas and Haappy New Year :)
    Hey, I saw that you got a Wii U for Christmas :) How are you liking it?
    Would you like to add me as a friend? My NNID is jimmy.f27
    Also I made a group for Wii U Owners, it's to exchange NNIDs and discuss the Wii U, if you'd like to join you can find it here.
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