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  • Haha, well, if it's 2D, it's not going to have 3D modeling. Though, I know you mean just- Side-scrollers. (in general)
    Though, come to think of it, there aren't many Side-scrolling (OR top-scrolling for that matter) games that have 3D modeling... :/
    Most side-(or top)-scrollers ARE 2D. Though, I CAN think of quite a few 3D side-scrollers.
    like- Kirby's Return To Dreamland, NEW Super Mario Bros. games, Lost in Shadow, and Little Big Planet.
    I'd include Paper Mario in the mix, but well, HE's kind of- 2D, AND its more like a 3D-world, since you can go back and forth, AND because objects in the world ARE infect 3D,
    though, for the MOST part, I'd call it a side-scroller.
    Paper Mario is- well, DIFFERENT. It's in the middle between dimensions.... like purgatory for Video Games :lol:
    It's not quite 2D, and it's not quite 3D, and it's not quite all side-scroller either... :/

    Well, I highly recommend it ^^
    I.... have yet to beat the game, sadly .__.
    I didn't even make it halfway up the tower, if I even made it to the tower at all :lol:

    Uh.... Epic Yarn is more "cutesy" than Yoshi's Story, from what I've seen. (I've never played Yoshi's Story- I looked up a video real quick though)
    One thing I love about Epic Yarn, is that the Waddle Dees can't hurt you at all. (unless they have a bow & arrow)
    Normal Dees do not cause any damage, and if you run into them they fall over and they make a squeaky noise. IT'S ADORABLE. >w<

    Haha, sorry :sweat:
    Well, the more you try, the more you'll probably end up figuring it out. ^^
    And well, Dream Course may be on the same KIND of strategy as those games, but it IS different.
    Though, I haven't quite figured out the goal of the game yet, so that might contribute xD
    All I know is that it's what I would call a "dynamic-strategy" ... (I think I got that term from the word "Aerodynamic") xP
    Well, Return to Dream Land is a "traditional" Kirby, and it is a side-scrolling game with 3D character models....
    But honestly, I can not see how the 3D models would make much of a difference compared to the 2D models, since they're both side-scrollers xD

    Maybe you need to play a Kirby on a console then? (I'm talking 2D side-scrolling here)
    I mean, since you said most of the Side-scrollers you played were on handhelds.

    OH, speaking of side-scrolling games with 3D Character Models.... There's a game you should look into.
    It's called Lost in Shadow and it's for Wii.
    It's a side-scroller, but it's very different than any game I've ever played.
    you play as a shadow, and well, you have to use your brain a little bit more for this game. You can only walk on the shadow that real-life objects cast. Lighting effects shadows, so you have to be careful. Like- there are sections where you are inside, and the there's a lightbulb on a string swaying back and forth. as the light moves, so does the shodows of real-life objects, and you have to time it right to jump or not to jump, because the swaying shadows could either help you, or be your death. There are also these- wormhole-like things that warp you into this mini bonus level (kinda) and it's like this weird multi-dimension, and the whole section is 3D, but you only play on one section of it at a time- while side-scrolling- er- well.... it's hard to describe, but trust me, it's pretty cool. Anyway, I REALLY recommend this game. It was nice for me because I found it for $10 at Wall*Mart. :lol:

    And according to Nintendo Power (From what I remember) the game had great reviews. ^^

    Well, I would not say the GAME is "Childish", but the way they tell the story, it is spoken like a children's book. PERSONALLY I love that about Epic Yarn. I think it's a wonderful touch to the game and it fits nicely. I say that anybody can enjoy it. But really, the only thing you could say that's "childish" about it, is when you beat a level and see the cutscene. Gameplay and levels are pretty much like any old Kirby game. (well, the copy ability is gone since- well- he's made of yarn.) You do get a variety of powers though, in their own way. But yeah, I'ts not really childish >_>

    I think the story cutscenes are cute, BECAUSE they are read like a children's book. The narrator did a FANTASTIC job. ^^

    Well, I might have made that term up.... Basically- What I mean by "Dynamic" strategy, is like- okay- you have to "angle" things, just to hit it the way you want...
    A great comparison to the kind of gameplay I mean, would be Angry Birds (Or Bloons).... You have to use strategy in order to figure out angles and how the birds would hit.
    And that's the same kind of thinking you use when playing Dream Course.
    (actually, a vast majority of Bowling and Golf games use that kind of strategy too)

    I don't think I've played Bowman, so I can't say for sure :/
    Well, true "emulators" are for OLDER games. I only consider it an emulator when it's an older game console, and not on the shelves anymore. That's what I was told Emulators were.
    ALSO, if you really want to know the truth, Wii Virtual Console titles are just emulated copies of the game. And from what I hear, sometimes emulators work better than VC games.

    Oh, well, I've never really used the keyboard- I hate it xD
    But, with an emulator, you can set the keyboard controls at will, so it'd be different depending on how you set them.
    You just set individual buttons to either certain keys, or button inputs from controllers.

    Ah, well, what about Side-scrolling shooters? Like- Galaga (though that is top-scrolling)
    I know there is a level like that in all the Kirby games I've played.
    It's usually near or at the end of the game, but you get to fly around on something and shoot the enemy. It's rather fun ^^

    Yeah, that's basically it. The non-traditional ones either loose the copy ability, but provide a new way to play, (like Epic Yarn and Mass Attack), or loose the ability to walk around (Canvas Curse)
    ......OR they could loose the side-scrolling, like Air Ride. Though, Air Ride is the only one like it.

    Oh, there is Dream Course, for the SNES, but I only tried playing that, and couldn't understand it well.... It's another "non-traditional" Kirby, because it's more like a dynamic-strategy game.
    (as in, you have to figure out how to hit the enemies with just the right arch and direction.)
    I don't know, I'll have to give it another go sometime :shake:
    I only have it on emulator, since I never even heard of it until about a year ago.
    Oh, well emulators don't affect the game companies :lol:
    The games are so old, that Nintendo stopped producing them. They don't get any money for those games anymore.
    Using a ROM would not effect the company AT ALL.
    Even buying a NES Cartridge from a flea market or Ebay would not give Nintendo any money, since you are buying it off of a PERSON, and not the COMPANY.
    And old games like that, you're only going to find them on Ebay or from a person on the internet/flea market.

    So, I think saying "using ROMs cheats the companies" is a tad ridiculous of a reason...
    UNLESS the games are currently on the market as "New".... but then it's piracy at that point, and not a harmless emulation.
    Also, If you are like me, then you'd play the ROM, then find the cartridge online and buy it.
    I'd rather have it physically in my hand. Though, I play ROMs all the time.

    There are ways to play ROMs on a computer while still using a controller.
    Just look up "USB to PS2 converter" or "USB Gamecube" or "USB Wii Classic" on Amazon.
    They have pretty cheap converters that work SWELL. I ALWAYS play my Emulators with PS2 and Wii Classic controllers ^^
    They're around $5 to $10 each. And most of them have two controller slots.

    Or, you could find a cheap generic computer controller relativity cheap.
    I have this Final Fantasy XIII USB controller that works GREAT. It's basically just a Playstation controller for the computer.
    It was only $14 online. I liked it because it was white, and Playstation-like. I don't really know much about the FF games, besides what I know in Crystal Chronicles and Kingdom Hearts.

    Yes. ALL main-title Kirby games are SIDE-SCROLLING platformers. Hey, not all side-scrolling games are hard. Kirby is fairly easy, compared to what I've played in the past. (as for side-scrolling platformers)
    Yeah, that could be a good Xmas idea! ^^

    Well, Canvas Curse and Mass Attack are- well- DIFFERENT. They are not traditional Kirby games, but I would say CC (Canvas Curse) is an alright game on its own....
    but I would only recommend it to a long-time Kirby fan, since it's not a traditional Kirby game. Though, I haven't played it on YEARS.....

    ALSO. There is one Kirby game that is 3D-perspective and NOT side-scrolling. That would be Kirby Air Ride. HOWEVER, Kirby Air Ride is ALSO non-traditional, though it's LOADS of fun.
    But, again, I would not recommend it to a first-time Kirby player, since they'd need to play a traditional Kirby, first. (in my opinion)

    ALSO! If you have a DS, get Super Star Ultra. It's a re-release of Super Star, only with extra features. It's also has (limited) DS-to-DS multiplayer.
    ie: You can only go to Spring Breeze unless you both have a copy of the game, sadly.

    But anyway, Canvas Curse is a good game, though not traditional. Though, some of the newer games are straying away from the "traditional", though that's not always bad. (at least not with Kirby)
    Sorry- I repeat myself because I'm hoping I answered your question. I am not sure if that was what you were asking or not. :sweat:
    Yes, unless you have the cartage.
    How/why could ROMs/Emulators not be your thing?

    I only mentioned them since it's easier to boot up a NES Rom, than it is to fiddle with an old system until it finally works xD
    I know our NES is touchy. It takes about 20+ times of blowing into the cartridge and wiggling, before the games boot up.
    Though, if you have a game that's virtually spotless (clean on the contacts) it will boot up in less than three tries, if you're lucky ^^

    Another way to play, is if you can pick up a copy of the Kirby 20th Anniversary thing- Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition for Wii.
    It has a good selection of games you can play on it.
    It also includes extra challenge stages (as a port of Return To Dreamland)

    These are the games available:

    Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy)
    Kirby's Adventure (NES)
    Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy)
    Kirby Super Star (SNES)
    Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES)
    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64)

    The collection also includes a Soundtrack CD, with 45 tracks.
    It has music from a lot of the games.

    Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition -Amazon
    It's still relatively new, but I'd say $30 is a decent amount for it. ^^
    LE GASP :O

    Kirby is such a great series! D:
    You should play Kirby's Adventure on a NES Rom or something! ^^
    Either that, or start out with Super Star for SNES.

    I really like Kirby :3
    Haha, it's okay.
    Just as long as I'm making myself clear enough for you to understand, that's all that maters, right? :lol:

    So, random question.... Do you play Epic Yarn?
    I don't know why, but something brought it to mind. :/

    Maybe it's because Christmas is inching its way here.
    (I got if for Christmas two years ago- (I think?) -and I played the hell out of it when I first got it)
    (So now, it's a Christmas game for me) :lol:
    It makes me think of Christmas :P

    And in turn, Christmas makes me think of Kirby's Epic Yarn...
    Though, the same could be said for Loco Roco and Amplitude. xD
    Haha, no, you have it kinda in reverse. (er- what I was trying to get at, rather)
    One yen is ALWAYS equal to a penny..... but as of now, the WORTH of a dollar is equal to the WORTH of 80 yen.

    but no matter what, one yen will always be one penny, and one dollar will ALWAYS be 100 yen.
    However, the economy determines the worth of the yen, or penny/dollar.
    Oh, that stuff online is all horse crap... (the "equivalent" conversions)
    You should know that prices and the "value" of a dollar fluctuates ALL the time. In all countries.
    But I'm not speaking on the VALUE of the yen and/or dollars, I'm just talking about how it would equate to our money system.

    As in, say, okay. one penny is one yen. That's yen-to-US system of money. Say for instance, Japan randomly swaps over to US money, but their economy stays the same. (as does ours)- THEIR Penny would be worth less than our penny, and OUR dollar, would be 80 of their pennies. However, 80 of their pennies is still 80 pennies, no matter how you look at it. The economy determines "worth"...... if you catch me....
    (or is our dollar worth more? - I"m not sure)

    So, our dollar is WORTH about 80 yen, HOWEVER, a dollar does not EQUATE to 80 pennies, in the sense of comparing money SYSTEMS....... if that makes any sense...

    But anyway, JP yen's system is that 1 yen, would be like a penny. But the value of the penny is always changing, and our penny's worth and their penny's worth are different due to Economy....

    I hope I'm making sense here .__.

    BAHAHA! you "forgot" :lol:

    Anyway, I think it had to do with what they were doing. I didn't play it to the end or anything, I just saw it being played, and not really that much either. I only have vague tracings of the story. But I remember that basically, he gave himself amnesia because he realized what he did, (it was something bad I recall), and that he was kind of a jerk..... or something... I just get the jist of it, that's all xD
    Haha. The whole "gave himself amnesia" makes me think of the game Amnesia. Though obviously the self-induced memory loss is for VERY different reasons between the Anime and Amnesia.
    Actually, 8 billion yen would be the equivalent of 8 billion pennies. That would be... 8 million dollars? (my pennies to dollars math kinda sucks at this level)
    One yen, is the equivalent of one penny, and 100 yen is a dollar. That's why there are 100-Yen shops. They're basically dollar stores.
    (well, Japanese Yen)

    Well, it sounds interesting, but I'd have to see it to see if I like it. :3
    Ah. yeah xD

    "though I think other people are out to kill him but he has a dog with wings so it's okay" :lol:


    I love your explanation xD

    Anyway, good night :3
    Well, first of all, anything called a "weapon" just means you are using it either for self-defense, or to cause harm to some(thing/one). I never mentioned nuclear weapons.
    I originally was just talking about the chemical on its own. The chemical can be used to power electricity and I'm sure it has other non-weaponized uses.

    oi... people like that just kinda bite. :/

    Ah, yeah.... I've never heard of Eden of the East! :O

    Also, sorry if I'm not typing much.. I guess I'm kind of tired and I can't quite think of anything else to say xD
    Yeah, I really don't get it... :/

    Oh, well... I wouldn't really say "twisted".... I mean there's a lot of good that can come out of making those kinds of objects. It depends on what they're being used for that is the real issue.... I don't see it that unnatural to take resources found in nature and use our higher brain power to create technology and nuclear chemicals and whatnot.... Just as long as they're not taking TOO MUCH, or using their creations for ill purposes.

    Oh, I never meant you would. I just meant that supplements exist. :sweat:
    And yeah, I know there are other protein-carrying foods out there.... I just first thought of supplements because I know they are there.

    Oh, it's fine. I wouldn't have minded much if you were implying it or not. I just wanted to let you know I wasn't, in case my words made me seem so.
    Haha, why thanks :)

    ...really.... because you like cheese.... :shake:
    Anyway, I don't think it's that they WANT to, I think it's just because they feel they can't feel/see their happiness, or in some cases they ACTUALLY can't.
    I have had two psychology classes, and I know that depression is not something you just "get over" by trying to find the good in life. There are people who just can't find any reason to be happy, and it's not their fault. They can't control it. As for the hating, I still wouldn't say that they "want" to, but more so, that they can't find any way to forgive. But that's just how some people are hard-wired. I know my "mother" holds deep grudges. And she hates people for no reason at all... well, CHARACTERS on TV.... not ACTUAL real-life people. She also hates Shows for no reason. She told me she hates Big Bang Theory, (I love that show by the way), and I asked why, but she just said "I just don't like it" and then I proceeded to ask if she's ever SEEN it, and she said "only a snip section of one episode" and I immediately "face-palmed" >.<
    She also (for some stupid/odd reason) hates the Progressive spokesperson. She hates Flo, for some reason. I personally find her to be a GREAT and funny spokesperson. :lol:
    Though I must admit some of her commercials do kinda suck :/
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