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  • If you think about it, MM is kind of like that; if it's winter just go to snowhead and if it's spring go to woodfall...or that's summer XD. I do see the difference though, I just want to try and fail at comparing them. So, the game actually responds to the date then? Hmmmm, I'll have to check the game out then.

    Wow, they've had quite a few then...I'm surprised I haven't played them before. I feel like I live under a rock XD. Doubutsu No Mori means Animal Forest, eh? I think Japanese is an awesome language XD. Ah, so the 3DS one isn't out yet? Ok, that is probably the one I'll get, but, which one would you say is the best of the games? New Leaf king of sounds like New chapter to me, though I'm not sure why. I hope they're not sad games xp.

    Oh, I just read that bottom paragraph, I will get the wii one and the wii speak if I can find it. I kind of broke everything to my Wii except for my controllers, so I don't have one anymore, (When I say kind of, I mean I did) xp.

    That sucks about the Kirby then. I had to leave for about a week, so I couldn't find it when I got back.

    I clicked the link and I was like "Wait...how is this the first article on the home page?" then I remembered I clicked the link....*facepalm.
    Wow, I should've done like that. But I just wasn't that good with humiliation at the time so I burned it. I regret it now, because it was the VHS version and I will probably never get a "new" one like that, but what's done is done. Now when people mess with me I just say at least my game doesn't need blood and guns (COD reference) XD.
    Ah, my friend misinformed me then XD.
    So...it's like Majora's Mask? Not really, but its got multiple days is what I'm saying.

    I've never played it so I wouldn't know that AC was your avatar/signature. I figured you had played it, but I was hoping maybe you were just asking if it was good, so I hope you can forgive my ignorance xp. I'll get it and visit your town hopefully, if I can find it. How many has there been? Including remakes....(if any).

    I was reffering to your Julius game...I guess I should've specified XD. Yeah, reading over it makes it sound horridly bad, I'm going to have to watch that from now on XD.
    No, I haven't played it. I've been wanting to try it out because people say its good, but I've also heard people say it's way to kiddy of a game, so I'm kind of stuck on what to do there XD. Have you played any of the games? Oh, this is real late, but, happy thanksgiving....or did I already say that? Well, anyways yeah......lol
    exactly lol. i didnt mean that i dont like artstyle i just wish link was.....greener XD. But yes i does like mine job...i meant to use bad grammar xp.
    Well, a Nursing Home employee on average makes about 10$ an hour, so I'm fine with it for a little bit. I agree the smells are pretty rough, so I'm hoping to just ignore it lol. My grandmother on my mothers side also had Alzheimer's, but she just died 2 years ago, and I'd been taking care of her at my home, so I'm hoping it's not to bad starting.

    Yeah, I wasn't meaning to agree with him, I just couldn't type what I wanted too because of the controller....Xbox "word"(or whatever it's called) really sucks. I would never say another's opinion is stupid, unless I'm joking. Too be honest, I almost didn't come to ZD because of Axle's videos about not making the game. So high-five back XD.

    Axle's logic is a bit flawed because of why you said, but he makes good points....sometimes. But, when he starts to say that the majority of the fans opinion doesn't matter to him, and then says they're is no reason to remake the game, there's a problem. Did you see that IGN poll where more fans wanted MM remade then a brand new game? Anyways, I am in full support mode....or something XD. I signed op moonfall along time ago, and it has reached over 50,000 signatures, so I'm hoping Nintendo says something at this E3.

    I've only played a couple tetris games, so i really am not all that knowledgeable(that's not how you spell it...) on it. But, I am also that way with remakes. I currently own every copy of OoT, except for the Virtual Console one because no internet...yeahXD. I know they're is only one "true" remake of OoT, but I've spent over 300$ on the game, so I'll call them remakes for now :).

    That video was fan-made, but I'm sure Nintendo would try....I hope. That would be amazing to look like that, but like you said with TP mixing the artstyles together. I personally think that TP tried too hard on such a limited power console, so it was just too dull, but MM's color would be great. Oh, and saying that remakes ruin it for oneself is a stupid argument; they don't have to play the game, just don't buy it. Like I've always argued on this, and other things; don't take away from the people that DO want to see it. It's asenine and jerkish, or, in my opinion anyways xp. Also, if Nintendo added the 2 levels and the other 4 days because of the size of the 2 levels to the game like I was talking about before, that would be epic....and an option for orchestrated music or the normal music.
    That's right, it shouldn't. I have no idea why I can play a 2D-oriented game that has 3D models just fine... But remove the 3D models and I suddenly suck at the game again. Yeah, playing Kirby on a console might be a good idea.

    Lost in Shadow... I looked up the trailer, but now I'm skeptical that I might be terrible at it. XD How long is it compared to games like Twilight Princess? It has a nice premise though. And for only $10. :D

    Ah, I see. Then it's sort of like Yoshi's Story, I'm guessing. :3

    Yeah, that premise would be like Bowman. I'm not good at angling things (this conversation has made me realize just how many things I'm actually really bad at T_T), so games like Bowman and Bloons usually don't end very well for me...
    Wow, most people I've talked to say they want to be in their late 20's, so I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't wanna get old XD.
    I'm about to go work at a nursing home and pay taxes though, but I do wish I could go back but be as smart as I am now :).
    Most adults are that way....they don't even like newer music, and alot of them are far too impatient.....well, the ones I know any way. Rensponsibilituy does suck, but I shouldn't say that lol.
    As long as you don't sit in a rocking chair all day and look at the hills, you shouldn't be too boring XD.
    I hope I'll always like the stuff I like now, like anime/games/music, but looking at other people when they get old it makes me skeptical, so I'm gonna remind myself of that:O.
    Oh, and about Operation Moonfall, I'm sure it looked like I was against it because I didn't respond fast or long enough, but I was typing with an Xbox remote....it's hard to do XD. I do hope MM gets released, especially for the Wii U. You've seen what it would look like right? Anyways, I'll be happy with a 3DS remake regardless :).
    But the Virtual Console is "official." XD

    Ah, so it's all personalized. I figured as much.

    Side-scrolling shooters... Mm... Yeah, I'm terrible at those too. But I've been thinking. All of the 2D games I've ever played were on handhelds. I've played some other games that had a side-scrolling or 2D perspective, but they're not actually 2D games. For example, the Super Smash Bros. series. That's something that I'm actually not horrible at. Chances are that I won't completely fail at a Kirby side-scrolling game if it has a 3D character model and it's on a console. I don't know why. This is just how it is. DX

    I remember seeing Epic Yarn at E3. Was it actually as "childish" as people complained about it being?

    Dynamic-strategy game? Never heard of that one... Is it sorta like the online game Bowman?
    Yeah, for a game i would consider 11 years to be pretty old XD. I dont believe it does....does mine? I never wouldve guessed you to be that old lol. I feel the opposite and feel older then iam (17), but thats probably cuz i wish iwas a kid again. Getting old to me seems absurd lol.
    What? Turn away from games, I'd never xD. i had no idea bejeweled was that old....i feel like a dummie lol. Games ive played that i remember are 3do zelda ghost recon cod mortal kombat fable halo star wars battlefront 1/2 mario and thats alli can think of lol. May i ask how old you are? At times you seem young and others like your older then me XD.
    Now that you told me that, I realized that I never thought this through. XD So thank you. I was under the impression that people would emulate the newer games that the game companies were still selling, therefore making them lose money. That part is at least correct. Having that notion in mind, I didn't spare a second thought at the other older games that were emulated as well... I just brushed them off as in the same group as the newer games.

    So okay -- feeling like I'm cheating the game companies was one reason (which isn't true anymore ;D), and another reason was because of the keyboard thing... I was aware that you could connect a controller to it to play, but that wasn't what I was asking. I was actually just curious to see how the game would actually play on a keyboard. I've never done it myself, so I was hoping that you could tell me. Like, how would a game like Ocarina of Time transfer over to keyboard controls?

    I've realized that I totally and honestly am just awful at 2D games in general. In fact, I can't think of a single 2D game that I'm actually good at (with the exception of games like Pokemon, since that's not really making much use of a 2D setting, if you get what I'm trying to say). I'd say that I'm decent at best, but I'm not. I'm just horrible -- and side-scrolling platformers are the worst for me. XD I don't even think I've beaten the first level of Super Mario Land. I'm just that bad. I tried Canvas Curse once. It did not end well.

    So, traditional Kirby -- as far as I know right now, the premise is that you're supposed to jump (float?) to... someplace... while copying your enemies' abilities, right? It is basically just a typical platformer with copy abilities?
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