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  • I think the ZD Climate Change discussion is just cancer, because it seems to be people shouting pseudoscience and denying the consensus of the scientific community. Most major establishment sources think it is real and a problem; that discussion is over.
    Happy Birthday, Akuhime-Sama.
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    Oh thank you, I'm sorry I wasn't logged in to see it. I don't know what happened. I just forgot to come back online one time and life got in the way. D:>
    Happy Birthday!
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    Thank you. I'm sorry I was away for a while to not see this until now, but I thank you, and I know it's kinda my fault. I just wish I didn't stop logging in. :C
    Oh okay, th3n just wh3n3v3r you f33l lik3 it XD

    Don't worry, I will r3mind you, in about 10 minut3s ;)

    Cheese noodles anonymous.....hhehehe but no, Certified Nursing Assistant xp

    I m3an, you always could g3t an XBOX.......;)
    Ahhh, I see then....how often do you end up taking breaks? You have facebook? Hmmmm you should add me XD......unless of course you don't want to :sweat:

    I was just like that when I was younger, except I wouldn't talk to a person even if they did like something I liked. So I would just end up missing possible friendships XD Luckily, I am different now thanks to my CNA class I took last year. I found that there is no reason for me to be so shy xp

    Awww, I was hoping to have someone cool on my XBOX friendslist :( Metroid is uncommon to me, for I've never played it XD
    Cool, good choice :)
    I didn't know that the Gold Cartridge was preorder only either.
    Wow...you've been gone for a long time....you don't take ZD hiatus' for this long often, do you? Just curious :sweat: Anyways, how've you been? Also, I love how you responded to me on the Wii about how "it" be working XD classic
    Okay, I'm back now....I guess I should've just stayed and waited to send that, I wasn't gone long at all XD Anyways, I see whatcha mean, I was just messing with you :)

    Oh, okay then. Well, if you have small hands then it probably wouldn't be any good for you XD Huh, I've never had any of the normal kinds....errr, this is actually the first handheld console, so I don't know if I would be better set to the first installments :D I never seen the need in getting the first ones out, unless it's a special edition console. Unfortunately, I missed that 3DS :(

    Whoa, you took that the wrong way to xD Yes, that was directed at people who do that, I was just making a joke with my wording...I'll watch that in the future :) Yeah, you're better at that then most people. Like I was playing black ops 2, right? Well, this guy was talking about the lagginess(not sure if that's a word) that happens on occassion, and he made the statement that the lag is why no one buys the game. That kind of confused me, because you know how well its sold so far XD On another note, you should get Black Ops 2.......if you want :)
    It's fine, I meant that what typed was short not yours...... though, I guess yours WAS a bit shorter than previous ones XD

    Yeah, I tried finding it but I couldn't, though that's chalked up to laziness; it's took way to long to load the pages. Once I get on a computer I shall try and find it. But no, I am not her brother/uncle.....I'm not even sure how that would work :sweat:

    ...Hold on(if your online at hthe moment), I have to do something.
    English is my worst class :P
    Good luck with the assignment, tell me how you go with it?
    Ah ok, I'm terrible at English so I wouldn't be able to go well in a writting class.

    Sounds awesome, did you do well at it?
    If you're trying to be a Pirate we can make exceptions :)

    That's cool, I wish at least one of my teachers were that cool. Imagine analyzing an anime in English instead of an English film.
    Sorry for not replying to that one, I must have checked at a busy moment and forgot to go back to it.
    People that use incorrect grammar when speaking annoy me too, especially when they say "me" instead of "I", for example "I'm gonna grab me car keys." My dad does it all the time :/
    I've been quite busy lately with schoolwork and homework, especially since I am learning Japanese through distance education on my computer and haven't been on the Wii U much as a result.
    How have you been lately?
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