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    -Lol- well, I look forward to our next brawl encounter as well as stage exchanging. I've registered you.
    -lol- Kool. I knew that the lag had something to do with a few of those deaths. I like to make hacked stages and what not so i'll have to show you a few of mine as well =). If you want we can register Wii codes and I'll send you a bunch of hacked stages that are just fun to goof around on. And some are just pretty kool stages to fight at like a giant master sword in pedestal or fighting on the Great Deku Tree's nose. etc..
    Lol and I thought the random taunting was hilarious at first, but im not one to hit someone while there taunting. So that's why I would freeze up at random times and wait for you to finish. Or if you killed yourself on accident I would kill myself as well to make it fair. =)
    Haha, oh well good games then Aku =) and yeah I figured the lag had a lot to do with the random deaths -lol- You were still pretty good regardless of win or lose I play to play, so rematch me anytime you'd like -lol- And true, im sure in real time there would have been a lot more action on both our parts -lol- =)
    Yeah, I was wondering when you would get tired of me "corrupting" what you were asking for -lol- Sure I don't mind playing a few rounds with you.

    My friend code is 0774-6499-4528
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