Lakitus (ジュゲム, Jugemu) are turtle-like enemies from Super Mario series that made cameo appearances in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. But, unlike their counterparts in the Super Mario series; they seemed to not wear goggles, their hair was thicker, their clouds had no smiles, and they threw lightning bolts rather than spiky balls.



The Minish Cap

Lakitus are enemies that can be found in Cloud Tops and Palace of Winds. These guys do not move at all, and will sit on top of their own personal cloud. They threw lightning bolts out at Link, and will hide in their cloud when Link get close. To beat them; use your Gust Jar to steal away their cloud or try to flipping them upside-down with the Cane of Pacci. If they are knocked far enough from their starting point with the boomerang, they will fall.

  Appears in the sky. They float on clouds. They don't move, but they do throw lightning bolts. Steal their clouds with Gust Jar.