Captain Construct I

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Captain Construct I are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"An elite Soldier Construct, hence its "captain" title. Made by the Zonai with advanced techniques and magic. As a standard-rank member of the captain class, its combat functions are more sophisticated than those of Soldier Constructs. It can use Fuse to enhance its weapons."

— In-Game Description

Captain Construct I are a weak variant of the Captain Construct, though are more difficult than Soldier Construct Is. They have three eyes, and are able to Fuse to make their weapons deal more damage.

When defeated, it will drop a Captain Construct I Horn and Zonai Charge.

While most other enemies in the game do not get completely phased out as Link levels up, Captain Construct I is eventually superseded almost completely by Captain Construct IV. At a certain point, a single Captain Construct I can be found on the Great Sky Island, another on the Rising Island Chain leading to the Wind Temple. They are found in the following shrines, which can be accessed to farm Captain Construct I horns after completion, once per blood moon: