Big Manhandla

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Big Manhandla is the boss of Sea of Trees in Four Swords.[1]

Big Manhandla
Big Manhandla - 4S.png
Big Manhandla art, from Art & Artifacts





When playing the Sea of Trees, there are three stages. The first two stages are randomly selected from a fixed number of levels and after completing them both, the third stage is the boss stage, where the various Links will battle with the Big Manhandla. This giant plant-like enemy has three heads and will shoot seeds out towards Link.


During the first phase, there will be heads of Manhandla that will spin around in a circle. Occasionally their heads will open up, revealing particular colored flowers. The corresponding colored Link can slash away with his sword, dealing damage to the Big Manhandla. After enough sword slashes, that particular head will be defeated. Each time a head closes and re-opens, the color of the flowers within the head may change. Occasionally during this phase, Big Manhandla may launch some seeds up in the air which can land on Link. The various Link can repeat this process of slashing at the colored flowers until all three heads are defeated.

During the second phase, the final head of the Big Manhandla will extend outward and move around, chasing the various Links. Two levels will appear on the left and right side of Big Manhandla. The various Links need to work together so that two of them each pull on the two levers. Once they do so, the boss will be stunned and the colored flower buds will pop open. If playing in Single Player mode, the flower buds will all be a single color. If playing with more than one player, there will be two flowers of one color and two flowers of another color. The corresponding colored Links will need to work together to deal damage to Big Manhandla.

If Big Manhandla is not defeated right away during the second phase, it will become more aggressive and it will move its head much faster. The head will also aim its attacks at Link and shoot seeds out towards him. Repeat the same process of pulling the levers and then slashing the colored flowers until Big Manhandla is defeated.

After defeating Big Manhandla, Link will be able to meet the Great Fairy of Forest where he'll earn either a Silver Key, Golden Key, or a Hero's Key as a reward.