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breath of the wild

  1. Grunners

    Best side missions/tasks (not side quests!) in BotW

    I'm trying and failing to find a comprehensive list, or even just a "best of", of side "missions"/activities/tasks in BotW. Now, I'm NOT referring to the Side Quests viewed via the Quests screen, I'm referring to things such as the Korok hunt and Kilton's monster slaying tasks. Trying to eke...
  2. TabuuTKS22

    A Possibile Sequel to Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    References:- Breath of The Wild, Age of Calamity, All The Trailer of Tears of The Kingdom we got until 15 April 2023 It's 3:00 AM at my place and while in excitement for Tears of The Kingdom a Theory struck my mind that a sequel to Age of Calamity is Possible Let Me Explain In BOTW Link...
  3. Mima_sama

    Breath of the Wild What is your least favorite shrine in BotW?

    I'm currently doing another playthrough of BotW, and I found myself wondering what everyone's least favorite shrine, or type of shrine, is. I thought it might be neat to do a poll, too. If you want to elaborate on why you hate any particular shrine/shrine type, please feel free to! As for me...
  4. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Should the series name change?

    Bear with me for a moment. I can already hear people typing N-O, but give me a moment. I'd like to draw attention to the Assassin's Creed games. For the first six eight or so entries in that series, the games centered on a specific style of character: a hooded edgerunner with a penchant for...
  5. C

    Check it out! :D

    Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm the video editor for a YT newer channel that makes Nintendo stuff with Polymer Clay. We just uploaded a video on Purah from Breath of the Wild and have much more Zelda-Related content coming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-XZMD62_o Any support would...
  6. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    The Souls-like Genre

    With the much hyped release of Elden Ring now coasting to a successful finish in our rear view mirrors, the Souls-like genre is once again at the forefront of the gaming landscape. What began with the cult classic and later re-release of Demon's Souls (or King's Field, if you're of a particular...
  7. RamboBambiBambo

    Breath of the Wild What Timeline do you believe BotW takes place in? What details in the game make you come to this conclusion?

    Many of us have been bickering about it since the game came out, and Nintendo seems to not want to give a straight answer. So I figured I should ask what timeline you guys think the game takes place in. Is it the Adulthood Timeline, the Downfall Timeline, the Childhood Timeline, or perhaps...
  8. Mangrove

    Breath of the Wild An alternate completion percentage system

    This is how the game calculates the completion rating: Divine Beast: 0.08% each * 4 = 0.32% Shrines: 0.08% each * 120 = 9.60% Named Locations: 0.08% or 0.09% * 226 = 18.08% Korok Seeds: 0.08% * 900 = 72% I get that Nintendo wanted to make it clear how getting 100% is far from necessary with...
  9. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Genshin Impact

    After more than a year of waiting, several closed betas, and some angry Breath of the Wild fans smashing Playstation 4's (despite the game itself being multiplatform), Genshin Impact is here. Often lauded as a Chinese clone of Breath of the Wild, it made a splash in the gaming world by...
  10. GoronGainz

    BOTW/AoC: Which race has the strongest army?

    Been thinking about BOTW & AoC lately & got contemplating if all the races fought against each other, who would come out on top? They've all got different weapons, strengths & weaknesses. Assuming they have similar numbers & are fighting on an even battle ground with neutral weather. How do...
  11. The Bread Pirate

    Breath of the Wild Is BotW the "spiritual successor" to Zelda 1?

    Is Breath of the Wild the "spiritual successor" to Zelda 1? I am not sure where I first heard BotW referred to in this way, but I believe it was around the time of E3 2016 when Eiji Aonuma was giving out interviews all over the place. But is this true? BotW and Zelda 1 have a lot of...
  12. G

    Breath of the Wild Good ways to get strong armor?

    I want to beat Lynel but keep dying
  13. iLuvZelda&Animation

    Breath of the Wild Finally Finished Breath of the Wild Animation!

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here but I have been working on this vid for the past 3 months and it would be really awesome if you checked it out!
  14. Shiduo

    Realistic Next Gen Zelda

    Hey guys! I'm an architect and I work with 3D renderings and I used a software called Lumion which is a really good real time renderer to offer you a glimpse in what a next gen Zelda title could look like. Stay tuned as I intend to remake other areas (next one will be Tarrey Town)...
  15. GoronGainz

    Can you get lean like Link?

    Ever look at Breath of the Wild's Link & think "I wish I had a body like that"? Whether you're wanting to slim down, tone up or just get fitter. I've taken at look at Link's lifestyle from Breath of the wild to see what we can do to look more like him. (Advice applicable to all genders)...
  16. SpiritOfTheHero

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Am I the only one who misses the standard formula that we've had going on arguably since A Link to the Past? Does RPG work well with this universe or should we revert to the way the series was before? I'll have a poll down below just to gather quantitative data on this.
  17. beste-spellen

    Breath of the Wild BoTW blindfolded in 103:43:34

    Twitter | EN source | NL source Game streamer CrystalSaver has finished (rules) Breath of the Wild in a bit less than 104 hours while being blindfolded all the time. I have watched some of the stream and it's funny but primarily very interesting to watch how he plays the game. For me, I find...
  18. B

    My Astro A10 Breath of the Wild Edition Unboxing

    Please take a look and let me know what you think of the video! https://youtu.be/U_2tpU-Yl6U
  19. T

    Breath of the Wild Novelization

    This is the prologue to my ongoing Breath of the Wild novelization. I wanted to share it, in case anyone is interested in reading. I've been regularly posting it on Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own for the last month or so--I've got about nine chapters up so far, plus the prologue. I've...
  20. H

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Videos

    I still can't believe how much time this took to put together, but at last here it is. My tribute video to Breath of the Wild! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ6jisr1Nlk
  21. R

    Help Make BotW's Guardian a Real Lego Set.

    Hey Zelda fans, I recently uploaded a project to Lego Ideas featuring the Guardian Stalker from Breath of the Wild. If it gains 10,000 supporters, The Lego Group will consider making it a real Lego set. You can find the project here...
  22. John King

    Breath of the Wild Pivot table for farming and selling decision making

    Hi all, this is less of a question and more of something I have to offer. When you get to a certain point, and you're trying to farm to upgrade all of your armor, or early on you're trying to decide if you have enough of something to start selling it, it can be kind of hard to know what you'll...
  23. P

    Are Zelda 3D games getting worse?

    I think since SS, Nintendo seems to have been getting weaker with 3D Zelda games. I haven't played HW yet, but the concept of it seems weak because you're just fighting a bunch of bad guys. SS was a horrible game in regards to its story and Link and Zelda and they seem a bit too sassy this time...
  24. P

    Tribute to Link - One Man Can Change The World

    I made a music video as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite video game characters, Link, from the great Legend of Zelda franchise. It's set to One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean. I made this video back on the first. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy.
  25. Ibrahim

    BOTW Interactive Map Suggestion

    I think that the ability to filter through certain regions should be added. For example if I want to view items only in the Great Plateau or just view the Great Plateau part of the map then everything else would have that "undiscovered black and blue" like they have it in the actual game. This...
  26. Nicolai

    Breath of the Wild How Would You Die In "Breath of the Wild?"

    What would your cause of death be if you were a denizen of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild? For me, it would probably be from assuming shield-surfing is as easy as it looks.
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