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Which army conquers the rest?

  • Hylian Knights led by Link & Zelda

  • Zora Marines led by Mipha

  • Goron Bruisers led by Daruk

  • Rito Archers led by Revali

  • Gerudo Warriors led by Urbosa

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Aug 31, 2019
Been thinking about BOTW & AoC lately & got contemplating if all the races fought against each other, who would come out on top?

They've all got different weapons, strengths & weaknesses.

Assuming they have similar numbers & are fighting on an even battle ground with neutral weather. How do you think a great war among the races would end?

Also Link would be pre-calamity meaning, not the OP fully decked out 1 you get to play as.

Could Daruk's shield withstand Urbosa's Fury? Would Mipha's grace give the Zora's the edge?

Could Revali's aerial assault annihilate the others? Would the Hylian's stand tall?

breath of the wild champions.jpg
Well, they all lost to Ganon in the end, so none of them must be any good.

Id love to choose Koroks since there are way more of them than anyone else, strength in numbera and all that.

I'd like to say the Gerudo would be top tier, but the Hylian are backed by the Royal family and they have the Triforce (or at least some linked bestowed power in their lineage) which gives them the edge.


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
ZD Legend
Obviously the Anooki

-they have cool horns they can stab people with

-their hoodies can protect against cold stuff

-they have a massive military left over from their latest neo-fascist dictatorship

-I think one of them once won an arm wrestling tournament against Bruce Lee

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