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Breath of the Wild Pivot table for farming and selling decision making

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Jan 20, 2018
Hi all, this is less of a question and more of something I have to offer.

When you get to a certain point, and you're trying to farm to upgrade all of your armor, or early on you're trying to decide if you have enough of something to start selling it, it can be kind of hard to know what you'll need later.

Well, I took all of the resources needed to upgrade your armor, and purchase it (when it can't be found), and put it into a spreadsheet on the "Data" tab, then used a pivot table to add up all of the resources needed on the "Pivot Table by Resource" tab, no matter which set, nor which tier it's from. Alternately if you're just trying to upgrade one set, you can go to the "Pivot Table by Set" tab to see everything you need to max that set out. Similarly for tiers.

So when you go farming for say fireproof lizards, instead of stopping when you have what you need for the current upgrade, you can just keep at it until you have enough for everything that needs it (maybe the current upgrade your working on only needs 3, but you'll need a total of 12 for the next upgrades anyway). Or if you are deciding weather or not to sell some Opal rocks, you can see how many you will need to upgrade stuff later (maybe you think 50 is way too much, but it turns out you need a total of 87).

As you complete items on the data tab change the "done" column from N to Y (or delete the row) and it will remove it from the pivot tables which are set to filter for only the N response. You will need to refresh the pivot table by right clicking it and choosing refresh whenever you make changes on the data tab. If something needed two types of resources you will need to Y both lines.

Obviously you could re-use the file for other games.

I didn't include amiibo armor.

The file is in open office format.

If I mis-entered anything let me know (there was some mass copying and pasting going on), or if you can think of additional things that require resources (maybe some of the side quests) let me know and I'll add them.

Now you can see some interesting facts about how much you need across the entire game. For example, the star fragment is really rare (before I started farming them, I think I only got 1), yet to upgrade everything you need 16 of them. Also, you need nearly $35k to get all the armor, awake all the faeries, ect. So when farming for rupee's you know how many to stop at.


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