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  1. HyruleHistory10

    Can We Have a Friend Safari Thread?

    I have added everyone here So I hope you guys will add me. Also does anyone have a ralts on their safari? I would like it if you do
  2. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda What Specific Zelda Related Place Would You Make Your Home?

    Um the places i would like to live in would be... hmmm.... City in the Sky (TP). I honestly love the 'quietness' up there and the Ooccoo's seem like they would make great friends. Ravio's shop *eh* *hem* MY HOUSE! I WANT IT BACK lol That is all i could think of on the spot lol.
  3. HyruleHistory10

    Champion Themes Getting Less Epic?

    I thought Diantha's Theme was actually really good to battle with. It has a nice heated feel while capturing the cathedral-esqe environment.
  4. HyruleHistory10

    A Link Between Worlds A Link Between Worlds Soundtrack

    I can try recording the milk bar songs as long as someone has a filter to clean up the tracks.
  5. HyruleHistory10

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    So far I am only up to like 100. something sec. This gonna be Tough but I WILL DO IT HAHAHAHAHA. and about the street pass for roughly every 4 hrs you play the game gives you a 'fake' shadow link to duel with that you can still get medals from. I think that I am the only person in the world...
  6. HyruleHistory10

    A Link Between Worlds So Now That You Got Your Copy...thoughts, Suggestions, Ideas, Secrets...gameplay Time

    Personally I am still trying to get 100% ( counting streetpass medals and the endless cucco ranch reward) but I have beat the game and it is my Fav handheld Zelda out there. I think the music is amazing and being able to free roam is amazing. I love it.
  7. HyruleHistory10

    A Link Between Worlds *MAJOR SPOILERS* What Do You Think About the Ending?

    I liked the ending I thought that they pulled it off well esp. when hilda showed her true desperate side. To me what really sold the plot is not HAVING Ganon be revived. I liked how Yuga fused with him. The ending was predictable to me after the final boss but I thought it was really good.
  8. HyruleHistory10

    Can We Have a Friend Safari Thread?

    Thank you that is really helpful Alright as a rehash I have added everyone here so add me if you would like I don't care who u are or what you have the more the merrier. I am electric with Pikachu, Electrode, and Luxio and my code is 1091-7713-5523. Again I have added everyone here so...
  9. HyruleHistory10

    A Bit of a Dilemma.

    Really the point here is to have fun. I understand competitive battling and get the right natures and ev train my guys but I do not go for the best ivs. I like my pokemon being different than everyone elses. I am breeding a trick room party for doubles and I am going for the best nature and...
  10. HyruleHistory10

    A Link Between Worlds Loss of Online Connectivity

    I do not know if it is true or not but if you go to Zelda.com and look at the official ALBW webpage the cover art for the game no longer has that 'N' network symbol. Does this mean there is no Online capabilities for this game?
  11. HyruleHistory10

    Can We Have a Friend Safari Thread?

    So just so everyone knows my character name is elyndia and I was wondering if someone could tell me what safari type I am cuz I still have no clue lol
  12. HyruleHistory10

    Twilight Princess Sequel. Not a Direct One Maybe Similar to How Majoras Mask Worked. Spoilers.

    I think it sounds good but the only problem is the plot becomes more complicated. What I mean is you had ganondorf with power and you say him corrupt everything. Link with his courage and you fight everything, and Zelda with her wisdom.. and well we do not know what happen lol. But take that...
  13. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Why Are Some Zelda Game Bosses So Unoriginal?

    I think it also has to do with the fact that Nintendo team members share ideas across the board so some design choices might be because of that. Also I don't care about them reusing bosses as much as the difficulty (with in reason) should be modified.
  14. HyruleHistory10


    Hey I was thinking maybe we could set a trade station for Vivillons. I do not know about everyone else but I want to try and collect them all so here we go. I have polar by region I would like meadow, tundra, garden, icy snow, marine archapeligo, sandstorm, river, monsoon, savanna, sun...
  15. HyruleHistory10

    Can We Have a Friend Safari Thread?

    Awesome this is a great idea. I have beaten the elite four but do not know what type I am yet but my code is 1091 7713 5523
  16. HyruleHistory10

    Has This Ever Happened to You?

    Well on the gbc and up you can change to the color pallete of no Gameboy color games using different button commands. I used to have a blast battling mewtwo in unknown cave in reverse colors
  17. HyruleHistory10

    Feathered Friends

    Frankly speaking i only use the flying types for fly. i never use them in combat. the first time i did was in Gen IV because Staraptor is OP in Gen IV. Other than that i never use them.
  18. HyruleHistory10

    Pokemon Trading Center

    No I do not have a chansey. I have an Electivre.
  19. HyruleHistory10

    Pokemon Trading Center

    That is fine I am in no rush. What would you want for it.
  20. HyruleHistory10

    Pokemon Trading Center

    Is anyone willing to trade a victini darkrai or shaymin Celebi and Jirachi I have a melloetta, keldeo and a deoxys for trade. It would be Black 2 for me so w/b/w2/b2 Thanks a bunch.
  21. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Why Does Everyone Like Non-linearity So Much?

    SO basically for me I do not like Non-linearity because I feel that it restricts the PLOT. I am worried that if they make this new Zelda U game to non linear then the plot will then suffer. Think about Skyward Sword. How would visiting the Dungeons in different order affect the PLOT that was put...
  22. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Holes and Discontinuities in the Zeldaverse

    What do you mean you cannot do a spin attack.... I mean come on! LOL (that was just a joke haha) As for the weightlessness, I think it has to do with the fact that it IS a videogame. They have to make sure that the player is not at a huge disadvantage. A LOT of other games do this too, The...
  23. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda More Variety in Boss Stages

    I agree with this. Something I would like to see is a boss Idea like Infected Racheal from Resident Evil Reveltions. For those who have not played the game, You are adrift on a run-down cruise ship filled with a new zombie mutation. Racheal makes use of the air ducks on the ship and you have to...
  24. HyruleHistory10

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Sitting under the clouds with my 3yr old son and listen to what he thinks that clouds look like.... I almost cried lol
  25. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda How Quick Do You Understand the Puzzles?

    It depends on the Puzzle. Generally I can see the Solution but need to work on the execution. Like in Turtle Rock in ALTTP where there is the room you have to light the torches. I knew what I had to do but doing it took forever....
  26. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Being Able to Play After Completion

    I don't know if I like the idea. OOA and OOS did this so that you could do the passwords to get items to help you in the other game. As for adding new enemies.... I am very sketchy about this. So let us take this into OOT perspective. You beat Ganon(dorf) and now you have just downloaded the new...
  27. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Favorite Version of Hyrule Kingdom?

    I say TP because it actually looks and functions as a world.
  28. HyruleHistory10

    New X&Y Trailer (Japanese)

    It is called glow punch so my guess is a fairy type punch move. so maybe fennekin is gonna be a fairy/fire
  29. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda How Much Change is Too Much Change for You?

    I like change not enough and it becomes stale. That is why I am not getting A link between worlds because when Eiji Aonuma Said this in an interview I knew it would be trouble: "Aonuma: I do that same thing over and over, almost every day as I’m playing the game. I’ll get stuck in the game...
  30. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda An Old Idea

    According to HH page 121 Ganon is sealed in Four Sword Adventure USING the four sword. There is no Master Sword present (yet unless they change it). Now I have not played the game But page 121 also says " The Evil Sorcerer Vaati had become caught in the Cycle of Ganondorf the theif". To me this...
  31. HyruleHistory10

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Blood on the Dance Floor

    I agree that it is annoying but I also have to agree that being a musician I am better with timing so that also made it easier to be. And is the title a butcher babies reference because if it was it was cleverly played but if not nice title lol
  32. HyruleHistory10

    Pokemon X and Y Information About Revealed Pokemon

    I really like them. I have been playing since red and blue (my games still work! :D) and currently own all 649. I can say I am not to crazy of most of the designs so far but Gen 6 looks like it has some nice designs. Plus they all look good in the 3d battles too. The most potential would be...
  33. HyruleHistory10

    Pokemon Number 666

    Malamar anyone?
  34. HyruleHistory10

    General Classic How Long Does It Take to Become a Zelda Master?

    For me a Zelda master has nothing to do with how you play the game. It has to do with knowing your info. For me as long as you know who the general characters are in a game the general plot and enemies and such that is fine. Personally after beating OOT 200+ times I can play it with my eyes...
  35. HyruleHistory10

    Ocarina of Time Top 5 Reasons Why People Should Stop Looking to Ocarina for a Great Game

    honestly I think and will always think that it will be the best Zelda game. plus comparing a game from 1998 to a game from 2001 and 2007 that were based off the 1998 game of course they will be better in some ways but frankly the less criticized one of the 3 is the game from 1998 nuf said. lol
  36. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda What Makes Your Favourite Dungeon Better Than The Rest?

    B4 I list my fav I am going to list what I think a dungeon needs to be great. 1) great music to set the atmosphere 2) Semi Challenging to Challenging puzzles 3) Semi tough to tough enemies 4) a cool item (may not apply to all dungeons) 5) a cool boss Ok mine would be either the Forest...
  37. HyruleHistory10

    Skyward Sword Favorite Region In Skyward Sword

    My fav would be Faron woods (non-flooded) because it looks so 'natural'. It feels like a forest and I loved just hanging out there.
  38. HyruleHistory10

    Skyward Sword Did You Like the Orchestration?

    I have to agree with you on this. Quality wise they could not have gotten better. Hearing the instruments clear and having emotion for even the background music is great. next time though I hope that they vary the music up like they did in OOT or WW. they may have had the same instruments but...
  39. HyruleHistory10

    General Classic Navi Vs Tatl

    I think she summed it up perfectly
  40. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Survivalism and Customization

    I can see where you are going with this and I can agree with you in the regard. Finding new ways to use items more efficiently and fully establishing the features that are brought forth in the game are important to capitalize on.
  41. HyruleHistory10

    Game Help OoT (3DS)

    The Song of Storms opens a hole in the ground so you can get 200 rupees
  42. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Most Nostalgic/Favorite Zelda Moments

    LOZ: Dying after Ganon thinking the flames around Zelda would just vanish. AOL: Beating Dark Link (without the crouch cheat) ALTTP: Getting attacked by Cuccos (an accidental swing :P) LA: Seeing Tarin as a raccoon OOT: The 'meeping' as King Zora moves MM: The Anju & Kafei quest OOA...
  43. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Enemy Variations

    I think more enemy variation would not solve the issue. Resident Evil Revelations did not have a Large amount of varied enemies but what they did was they PAIRED the enemies that they had together to CHALLENGE the player in specific ways depending on how the plot was going. I think that is a...
  44. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Survivalism and Customization

    I can see what you are saying about the skills/ customization possible hindering the combat. However there is probably a way to rectify the issue like making skills easier to get but limit the uses to once per 5 sec. or something like WOW or having the access like the spells were acquired in AOL...
  45. HyruleHistory10

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got to hear the birds chirp outside.
  46. HyruleHistory10

    Ho-Oh or Lugia?

    Lugia all the way
  47. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Small Keys Specific to Certain Doors

    I sounds good but it would have to be inputted so that you could explore a large area with out limiting access. Unless it is like a boss gauntlet
  48. HyruleHistory10

    General Zelda Survivalism and Customization

    So I recently picked up some new titles for my 3DS (Resident Evil Revelations and Fire Emblem Awakening) and playing through these games I got to thinking about something that I think would benefit the Zelda series. The first would be survivability. It is something that is kind of already...
  49. HyruleHistory10

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    watching my kids actually play together well
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