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  1. Masterswords

    Skyward Sword Fledge's Pumpkin Pull

    It takes practice I'm just finishing my 3rd playthrough and I still can barely get it within 10 tries
  2. Masterswords

    OoT-3DS About the "Shard" of Agony...?

    Instead of rumbling near a secret an icon appears at the top left of the screen and flashes
  3. Masterswords

    Spoiler Termina

    Its in another dimension the portal will be in the lost woods probably but if Link went to the lost woods so did the mask salesman so why was he following link? or did he always know about termina and happened to be there. I can't wait for hyrule historia to come
  4. Masterswords

    Is Link Attending College?

    No, I don't think nor do I think it's a boarding school I just think its a place to train become knight to protect skyloft I guess it could be a boarding school though
  5. Masterswords

    Spoiler The Temple of Time and the Sacred Grove: Location, Location, Location.

    I think that The Sealed Temple turned into the temple of time in OOT and TP maybe the temple of time in SS turned into the spirit temple or something but it makes sense OOT's temple of time was beside the market which I belive was once the Sealed Grounds (Godess statue etc ) just it got bigger...
  6. Masterswords

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I sold my n64 as well as OOT for the 64 but got it on wii virtual console and 3ds
  7. Masterswords

    Spoiler Why No Gerudo in TP? Now Answered!

    The Gerudo Desert is in TP maybe your right and they fled but, flee their own country cuz ganondorf left? I guess, but I don't think that happened
  8. Masterswords

    Ocarina of Time How Many of You Got All the Gold Skulltulas and Big Poe Souls?

    I 100% both TP and OOT but oot i could only do on the 3ds idk why
  9. Masterswords

    "How Was Toon Link Able to Pull the Master Sword Out?"

    In WW ganon says surely you are the hero of time reborn so they do bear a connection if ganons correct and I also think that the links are all the same person reborn as with zelda and demise. I also agree that fi accepts link and only him as his master because they are the same person just reborn
  10. Masterswords

    The Legend of Zelda How Many of You Guys Named Link "Zelda" First Time Playing

    I named him link because of SSB ty so much SSB
  11. Masterswords

    Would You Want Vaati to Return to a New Zelda Game?

    I always hated vatti I first met him in The minish cap and I love that game don't get me wrong but I just hated vaati My fav villian is Ghriahim or Demise
  12. Masterswords

    All Zelda Games Ever

    Woah! 40 zelda games I have a loooooong way to go until I beat every single 1 how will ZD fit all this on their website if they do most will prolly be in other games though
  13. Masterswords

    Spoiler OMG I Know Who Was In the Restroom!!!

    LOL ima go see that now wii here I co..! damn I need another save file... I passed that part
  14. Masterswords

    Do You Use the Shields?

    At the beginning of the game I never used the shield because I din't want it to break I still got them upgraded and stuff (I'm a completionist) I started using the shield when I got the Sacred shield and more so the Hylian I was never scared of it breaking so I felt safe to use it
  15. Masterswords

    Spoiler Was the Final Battle a Disappointment?

    I beat the final boss on my second try but I used 1 heart potion too I died once because I din't know how to kill him but Ghirahim was way too easy in my opinion and demise was hard but not hard enough. In most zelda games you have easy bosses but you have alot of them in SS you have one easy...
  16. Masterswords

    Link Does Not Die in the Third Timeline.

    I don't think they're should be a split at all I don't like the third split either nintendo hit me hard when they released that
  17. Masterswords

    Favorite Ganon Battle

    I liked TP because it was epic and dramatic Midna died (so link thinks) but comes back at the end of the game in a different form it's so epic also fighting ganondorf on horse was sooo much fun I always wanted zelda to have something like that
  18. Masterswords

    Are Some Races Gone Forever?

    I hope in a future zelda game the zora's kikwi, kokiri, goron, etc all return I miss the zora's who I don't think I've seen since TP
  19. Masterswords

    The Final Zelda Game: What Do You Want It to Be Like?

    If this ever happens I'll kill myself but, the final I would like an epic storyline and show maybe the three timelines merge into one where link fights all main villains from his past eg. vaati, ganondorf, bellum, etc
  20. Masterswords

    What is Your Triforce?

    Mine would be wisdom idk why but I don't feel like I'm any good for any other
  21. Masterswords

    Skyward Sword V Skyrim

    I like SS more than skyrim but just barely Skyrim is a good game though
  22. Masterswords

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    TP brown hair was nice I hope in another zelda game they'll have that
  23. Masterswords

    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    Zelda she's really cute with her looks of determination also maybe Orielle
  24. Masterswords

    Saddest Zelda Song

    Midna'sLament or song of healing it's so sad because people r dying and your healing they're souls and for midna's lament its sad how she turned into an imp
  25. Masterswords

    Motion Controls ?

    Motion controls were awesome with a few flaws but every time they were good they were perfect but they didn't work like every blue moon it seems
  26. Masterswords

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    Considering she's a princess it makes sense I never really minded her new look
  27. Masterswords

    Why Links Awakening Comes After Oracle of Seasons and Ages

    That is why OOS and OOA are obviously prequels to LA
  28. Masterswords

    WW-Wii U Should They Do Another Cel Shaded Game?

    I would rather have a SS theme but I still loved the WW graphics
  29. Masterswords

    Termina=Realm of the Ocean King

    Ok, it wud make sense because after OOT lnik goes 2 termina and after WW he goes to the land in PH
  30. Masterswords

    Favorite One of Links' Swords

    SS master sword or TP master sword idk why I like them in a certain game but I guess I like how they look in those games
  31. Masterswords

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    First time I played I did hand it to karane second time on hero mode (which I'm still on) I gave it to the hand
  32. Masterswords

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    Puppet Zelda just without ganondorf possessing her=)
  33. Masterswords

    Is Spririt Tracks Worth Playing?

    I liked ST its definetly better than PH I found the flute easy to play but it's hard to find in stores now
  34. Masterswords

    Spoiler Where Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 Fit in the Time Line

    There's three splits, one is when ganondorf is sealed he breaks out, and TWW happens after that he's turned to stone and left in the sea then PH and SS another is when link goes to temina (MM) after warning zelda about gandorf being king so he gets executed thus TP happens third timeline link...
  35. Masterswords

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    Thanks you cleared it up alot it makes sense now
  36. Masterswords

    Temple of Time = Arbiter's Grounds...?

    Obviously the sealed temple turns into the temple of time but the arbiters grounds i don't know i think that the temple of time got destroyed (somehow) and more sand piles up (as it does overtime) and turns into the TP desert
  37. Masterswords

    Am I The Only One Who Has Had Zero Problems W. the Wii Motion Plus?

    I like the motion controls alot and I had the controls work 88% of the time TP and WW had to step aside for SS
  38. Masterswords

    Spoiler OOT is the Darkest Zelda Game Right Now.

    Yeah I saw that too but who cares in majoras mask people are freaking out because they're about to die! in TP people millions die in front of you! (not enemies) OOT was definetly not dark
  39. Masterswords

    Something That Bothers Me About Legend of Zelda Games.....

    I agree I always thought it was stupid ,at first I thought it was so you could reface the final boss but they should just have like a gauntlet instead with the bosses
  40. Masterswords

    Spoiler The Imprisoned I Defeated in 0:55.59 Seconds!

    This is the first phase he has the hylian shield (though he didn't use it) and the True master sword but still that's impressive
  41. Masterswords

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    I guess..... cheddar lol I never really think about it
  42. Masterswords

    Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

    I think he's the guard but it could be the kid too
  43. Masterswords

    What Did You Name Your Loftwing?

    I never really named it but just now I named mine Epona again.. I like that name
  44. Masterswords

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    Puppet Zelda or Blizetta the fact that they're possessed and with glowing eyes and stuff it's so creepy
  45. Masterswords

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your life would be too charged I wish I could touch the master sword
  46. Masterswords

    Hero Mode Boss Rush Mode

    I spent 2 hours redoing the hero mode boss rush damn I would always get koloktos last and i need potions 4 that but my good run took me 49 mins
  47. Masterswords

    You Know You're a Zelda Nerd When...

    ...when you name minecraft worlds and usernames after zelda
  48. Masterswords

    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    Yeah that's what I wonder too how does the sealed grounds turn into the woods in Alttp to the Temple of time etc but at the end of Skyward sword they show the master sword in some ruins that remind me of TP where you get the master sword so now I'm really confused as OOT came b4 TP so unless...
  49. Masterswords

    Spoiler Were You Disappointed with the Timeline Revealed?

    I still don't understand how link died.. even when a game over happens he comes back for revenge XD
  50. Masterswords

    Spoiler l

    I don't think they are the same because ghirahim stayed until links time but so did fi even if the godess turned ghirahim into fi when demise died didn't they both get sucked into the Master sword? but fi also stayed in the master sword... so maybe ghirahim was reborn as fi like you said but...
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