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  • I know. They are perfect for each other. Ichigo should die (:() And become a real soul reaper so he can be with Rukia.
    I like Orihime and Chad. I just don't like how...friendly Orihime is to Ichigo. But thats just beacuse I like the RukiaxIchigo relationship.
    Hey there, interested in Pokémafia? We need one more person. If by the time you decide and you want to join it's full, sorry, but we're trying to get the position filled. :P
    Really? Who is your favorite character? Mine is Rukia. She is so understanding. But whan she gets mad, Ichigo needs to run and hide. :)
    Eh, I was getting tired of seeing Pocket Asian <.<

    Yeah, Danny is my real name, actually Daniel, but I go with Danny on the internet. Feel free to call me Pocket Asian though.
    Thank you. I am obsessed with Bleach at the moment, so thats why my profile looks like that.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    The game went well, but it was a bit too short. I had to modkill the last standing Mafia and the 3rd party had already been killed. So, it went well, but was far too short.
    Aww thank you! I hope it goes well too, and don't worry about taking the time. It's fun ^^
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