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  • Well, I'm not that familiar with it, so I wouldn't buy it until you get another recommendation from somebody :)

    It might of been because I had the 3D of full blast, but I still am not too impressed by that. :(
    I just noticed something while reading One Piece that you might be interested in. It's regarding that Marine captain's son, who macho'd up later in the story.


    Now, granted this is after he tramples the little girl's food and repeatedly insults her, but doesn't it seem like he's very intentionally keeping knowledge of the transgression away from his father? It seemed to me like he was actually trying to save her. Thought you might find it interesting in the context of him becoming a goodguy later on.

    Also this: http://read.homeunix.com/onlinereading/One%20Piece/One%20Piece%20c001-100/One%20Piece%20Chapter%20-%20004/thumb/1050OP004-10.jpg
    Not really :\ Too much "EVERYONE VOTE FOR THIS GUY!1!11one!1" going on and not enough anything else.
    Oh, and for Anti-Virus, have you tried McAfee? I heard it was supposed to be good, + it was on my laptop for 30 days when I got it, and it worked pretty well.
    When I went to Gamestop to get Portal 2 (Portal 2 was so worth spending most of my money on it XD) I saw a 3DS, and tried it out. When I turned the 3D switch, it got blurry and kinda hurt my eyes, (Not like "AH MAH EYES" but it happened over time) so I wasn't really motivated to purchase it for that. but the games look really good for it, and the little thingy (The circle thing you move around, I can't think of the name) was way better than the other thingy, (D-pad?) so I might trade in my DSi once I have like, 200 dollars save up, so then I will have like 25 left over after it. Or maybe I'll just not get it for awhile :)
    Nah, I'm too busy anyway. :\ What's with that picture? It's really weird. [noparse]D:[/noparse]
    xD one less thing to worry about ;3 Well off to make my suspicious post thigny for round 6
    xD Thanks. And its all right :) I learned things, and I did break teh rule, she was gonna give me a spare life, but responsibility is responsibilty
    I'm starting to wish that I joined One Piece Mafia, all due to the fact that I don't even know who my character is in Alice in Wonderland, so I'm not going to be able to claim if asked to. That's down the fact that he sent the message in the style of a character, so I'm unsure if he is that character as the game mod or if I am. :\ I sucks so much.
    Actually, you never killed me in the first game, the Mafia did(and you're not a ***** :P). >_> You were first there but second to do anything. I knew the votes wouldn't take a turn once I saw I was two votes ahead of Soldier of Link. It was obvious that considering by the time I would claim that not enough people would see it to remove their votes. Which games are you involved in on VT? I'm currently playing in the Alice in Wonderland one (Which to be honest, lost my interest immediately due to the fact that I wasn't actually talking in the main thread for the entire first day and only 4 people were allowed to.

    Thanks. :) But it took me so long too get these signatures up on the internet without them screwing up though. D:
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