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  • Hmm... Well, it's sort of weird actually. You see, I was looking at some Italian words, cause you know, they sound cool. :D And so I found Pendio, which is the Italian word for "slope". :lol: Nevertheless, I'm very happy with my new name! :)
    Hahah! There we go! My name has been changed! :D Feels a lot better!
    Thanks, I will! <3

    By the way, I'm thinking about changing my username soon. Having a username based on a character in one of the Zelda games seems too impersonal. That's why I'll change it. I'll let you know when it's done.
    I did. But did youu get a role even tough you're a replacement? :? Anyway, good luck to you too if you're gonna play eventually! :D
    Yeah, it seems interesting. He says it's not gonna be anything like what we've seen so far at ZD. :D I hope I'll get a good role! :zelda:
    And hey! Are you gonna sign up for Mafia 9?! :huh: I've already registered myself, it should be fun! :)
    :D Thanks! I've been doing good, and I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword now more that ever! When I buy the game in November I will have waited two years for the game, and I've been looking forward to it ever since (even if we only knew it as Zelda Wii back then).

    Also, I noticed that both of us have "birds" as our avatars. :D
    'Hoy there Keyshe! :wave: I've wanted to make some conversation with you since we got our roles in Mafia, but I thought it might have seemed a wee bit suspicious...

    Anyway, how do you do today?! :?
    I thought I would put your mind at rest by saying that the riots are pretty much over now and our city never got hit ^_^
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