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  • Eh, overall it's fine, I saw the future coming so it wasn't really as big a deal. Heheh, it's fine, good to know you had a good day and I'm glad you enjoyed the card I sent you :shinesprite:
    I've been alright, am single again unfortunately, but can't say I'm too concerned really. Err, do you mean it wasn't unpleasant* for once? At least I certainly hope it was pleasant for a change if all Valentine's Days before were rather meh for you, you're a good kid and deserve to have an ok time. I sent both you and Lindsay cards, hope the one I sent you made you smile, overall my Valentine's Day was good as well :>
    I am not ever sure what Canadian Bacon is, I know I eat normal bacon, it Canadian Bacon just ham though or...I don't even know.

    Hahah, awww, I would give you three dollars for a chocolate bar or something if I could x3
    I am 18, and I know she likely doesn't drink goat blood, geez x3

    I have faith, and if she doesn't I will find her and slap her with a fish, maybe that would get her to realize things :P

    Uhhh, I doubt they'd buy chocolate at the grocery store, unless you mean Chocolate Milk o,o

    Oh, and bad spelling doesn't bug me...you're fine :)
    She is, and I guess you're right about Lindsay, but she's also sill just so young...you both are. She may think she's a loser right now and stuff but that is bound to change as she gets older, that's just how it works, I'm sure someday it'll all be clear to her and she'll feel the way she should feel :)

    Eh, I dunno, guess my parents are just gonna get some groceries now...so blah.
    Oh, yeah, Jenn very much so means well...she's a nice lady and just felt like giving me a hard time about it, heheh :3

    Eh, not exactly, just waiting for my parents to figure out what we're gonna eat...also once again trying to convince your sister that she's not loser on Skype, I just can't leave it be XD
    Thanks, and it's fine...heheh, my other friend Jenn didn't seem to reply to it that way though :rolleyes:

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! GET A ROOM YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!! Some people are trying to have gaming conversations and you two are over here sucking each others faces!!!!
    Durr hurr, I'm pretty sure she sent me a VM like this for fun, certainly got me to laugh a bit x3
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