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  • That's most good, and yes, she's my online wife and girlfriend as well more or less...only lives about 5 hours away from me in Indiana.
    Oy, still getting it all set up and stuff then, huh...I swear, if I knew you were gonna have to go through so much trouble to get it I wouldn't have sent you one, eesh >,<
    Thanks, tell Lindsay I say Happy New Years as well if she's around, heh...oh! By the way, did you both end up getting my SwapNote?
    Well, her username is WaffleNinja, if you click on Josie's coloured name in the spoiler within my sig you can get to her profile fast though...I dunno when she'll be active here again, but I hope soon.
    Oh, yes, she's a good kid...I imagine you'd both get along well enough ^^

    Yep, Ai Soul, it's all been sent...enjoy :3

    Yep, good enough, no doubts about it :)
    Yeah, Josie is extremely mature for her age, she's 12 though...and a truly nice little lass no less, uh-huh :)

    Heh, alright then, I'll send it in a sec...read the Chronicles before Chapter 9 though, yeah. Oh, and the Chapter has to be sent as an attachment because of it's size, won't fit in an e-mail properly, hope that's alright.

    Rezzical, sounds like you all got some pretty neat stuff, happy to hear it ^^
    Right, you'll be able to scribble down little notes or pictures to send me if you want after, SwapNote can be fun :3

    Here's hoping you both get computers again soon, you aren't far apart age wise actually, Josie is 12 herself ^^

    Hmmm, well if you want I can e-mail you that stuff, the Chronicles would have to be read first though and there is a lot of swearing in the parts that involve Hackedon...if that's alright I'll send it in a bit.

    Well, I got a bunch of money, some candy, and some nice little toys among other things...I still have more stuff to come, but overall I'm satisfied, yeah. How about you, did you and Lindsay get some nice stuff :)
    Ah, age related stuff, guess that's possible....you're like 13 while I'm 18, eheheh. I still don't see why it would take fleeping 24 hours though, that's just silly in my opinion o,o

    Ah, my one digital daughter's laptop broke and any chance she got to come here was when she used her friend's laptop, hopefully you both get new ones soon or something.

    New Stories…oh, not yet really, I’m still typing out Chapters 7 and 8 for my Tron Story. Hmm, did I e-mail Chapter 9 and the Viral Akatsuki Chronicles to you though? I got impatient and did that stuff early because I wanted to; Chapter 9 is my longest Chapter yet as well, and it’s based off of Naruto for the most part.
    Hey, Merry Christmas, Kelsey ^^

    Oof, 24 hour confirmation e-mail, that's ridiculous...I don't remember having to get one of those -,o

    It's fine that you haven't been on though, nice to see you and glad you're doing great, always nice to hear that :)

    I've been holding up well enough myself, thanks :3
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