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    It wasn't that much of an issue, I just wish I could have modded longer. I'll be modding again during Mafia 10 though. :)
    Um, ever hear of Alone in The Dark? My brother gave me a few games he beat, so I decided it looked good, and started to play it. I like it, but the camera is a little bit annoying, plus its kinda hard. And I got to the driving part. I mean god, that was absolutely atrocious. You had to like, drive down a giant city with like a million cars passing you really fast, stuff explodes literally 3 feet in front of you, while this giant thing is ripping up the street behind you thats way faster than you. I kept getting stuck on random things, and sometimes I couldn't move. It took me about 30 minutes XD.

    Me and my fiends were just chillin at my apartment, and one of then started playing Party in the USA, as a joke. But I couldn't resist, because I'm one of those people who likes to sing that song really loud, because you have to admit, its really fun to be that guy. (Especially when playing Call of Duty) While all my friends were laughing, my neighbors called, and told me quite politely to shut up. Whoops XD.
    Thanks for your efforts. If you could upload a text file with like the post number and stuff of all of the posts somewhere on the internet, that would allow us to have final versions for everyone.
    A little surprised to hear they only been given permission now... They've been dealing with the riots all this time with no protection that really scary and dangerous. O_O

    Glad to hear people are protecting and helping out. Sound pretty hopeful. :D
    Well they've just stated that if there is a need for it that the Police are allowed to use rubber bullets to stop the rioters and they've also been giving water cannons. It'll probably stop in the next few weeks or so since a lot of people that aren't even in the Police are protecting the areas they work and live in pretty much all day.
    Yeah, its very unfortunate. Took a good half hour to come up with a solution. I was working with a good majority of the site staff to at least try to recover a part of the thread. We luckily found out that Google has been caching the thread for quite a few pages, so that's good.
    Yeah, luckily our city hasn't been hit yet. We're hoping it won't be targeted but it's one of the biggest in the UK so we're being extra careful. Thanks for caring so much.
    I live on the Isle of Man fortunately, and not actually in England. So luckily we're miles away from the closest riots, and if anyone thinks about rioting over here they'd probably be destroyed by the locals. It is stupid, and to think England is one of the most powerful nations in the history of the world, yet we can't even stop ourselves from destroying the place.
    Eh, he's a medical mystery. They STILL can't figure out what's wrong with him. They just sent him home because he was feeling better than he was previously.
    Meh, To Bad it was inactive... and if I was playing with the others, I wouldbve got lynched day one e.e I mean, I barely posted, barely said anything, I really Didn't do nothing except vote xD Man.. Only If it ended before I died, I couldve used that as an example to make me confirm town on Poke Mafia e.e But over all, I really Didn't do anythign xD
    I'm experimenting in Oblivion. I'm going to make a Cat Person so that Hand To HAnd combat will hurt, and just punch stuff. I'll get Acrobatics and stuff really high, so I run fast, jump high, and kill people by punching them in the FACE!!!
    Hiya, Key. I'm finally dead, so I decided it was time for us to chat. And yes, no hard feelings on my side. It's just how the games goes. Competition brings out a different side in me, lol. By the way, do you by chance have Skype? If so, it's easier to char there. :)
    He would be an old man. If he dies, then he can be a full soul reaper and become a captain. And be with rukia forever. While still being young.
    Ah, sorry :P. I left shortly after changing my username so many people didn't have enough time to get used to the change. It's definitely nice to be playing Mafia again, although I've unfortunately been unable to play much in these first two days. I'll definitely be active by tomorrow.
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