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  • I'm used to people thinking I'm a guy here, Keyshe so don't worry about it too much. I guess people aren't used to a female moderator :P. I'm surprised that Axle didn't tell you....so that means he didn't say anything about me when you were not a member *is relieved* :D
    Yeah, I hear you. I had the same trouble when I first joined. Always takes a while to find everything, especially on different board than you're used to. This is the first board either of us has been on that used vBulletin, so... :sweat:

    If you have any troubles, feel free to ask me about them. ;)
    Well this is just a little suggestion but I think you should choose something that describes you for your avvy (like once I had Toon Link as my avvy becauze we're pretty similar) and maybe something random as a sig or possibly a personal message as a sig. I hope that helped.
    Nice to meet you too Keyshe. And yeah you seemed like a nice person on your introduction thread so I decided to add you. Also try adding an avatar or a signiture soon. It tends to create a bit more personality online.
    That was the same for me when I first arrived here. But don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!
    And i'm fine, just looking around for something interesting to post on.
    Edit: This messages thing is a little confusing :) I I can get the hang of it quickly...
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