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  • Do I see that Smitie still comes on ZD every once in a while? What do you know! One of the old crowd!
    Ja ik ben het nu al bijna een jaar. Eind Feb werd ik gepromoot. Aldi wijn is ook best lekker hoor en wat dacht je van die van de Lidl :P Ik vind mooi kaap van AH ook erg goed te drinken. Leuk om jou weer eens terug te zien!!! Dat is veel te lang geleden joh! Hier gaat het zijn gangetje. Ik had gesolliciteerd op een baan op een schip maar helaas niet aangenomen. Hoe is het met jou?
    Sounds very interesting, Smitie. I like what you are doing, what you are studying that is. Keep up and follow your dream, you'll get far. ;)

    Um yes I did, it's in the Writing section and it is titled Phydorian Tales. Although I have to beg you for forgiveness since I just included her as an guest character, and she only appears mostly in the final chapter. So yeah, lol, but hey, don't feel bad, I am gonna rewrite two stories that I wrote here in 2010 I think. So I can definitely give Saskia a better role in which she can appear through out the story. If you wanna give me permission to use her, just let me know, and feel free to drop by the sign up thread and submit her so you can add whatever you want to her. ^^ (I still haven't made the thread, but I will soon enough)

    Taker care, Smitie. ~Ats
    Hey there, thanks for vming me back. Yep, I am still doing what I love doing. ;) Btw, I haven't forgotten about Saskia, I even used her in my newest story (Phydorian Tales) as a guest character.

    Busy huh? I saw that in the EURO 2012 thread you mentioned something about studying in Germany, so yeah, you ought to be busy. What are you studying, btw? Also, good to see you here. ~Ats
    Haha, I was close! Dutch people sometimes come to my school for the hockey academy, and I asked them to tell me how to say I like chicken. xD
    Hey there, Smitie.

    You don't know me but i vaguely recall you from ZD's past as an active forum leader and an interesting science genius on the main site!

    Hope you had a splendid International Women's Day!

    Ik heb jouw plekje overgenomen :P Ik was gisteren gevraagd en wilde het wel proberen. Nu heb ik alle macht en koekjes hahaha!!!
    En ook ik moet je nog feliciteren!! Ik ben bijna nooit meer hier geweest maar kom op...dit mag niet gebeuren!! Alsnog van harte ook al is het wat later!!
    het was me nooit opgevallen dat je jarig bent geweest :P het is nogal laat, maar het lijkt me wel sociaal om je nog te feliciteren. Dus nog van harte gefeliciteerd :D
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