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  • I'm jealous! I don't have a 3DS, so no Fire Emblem for me. It sounds good though. I'm doing pretty good though, just trying to survive until spring break. You should definitely hang around here more often, because it makes it even more awesome to have the good old peeps on. :)
    Hey hey! Good to see you back. It's been.. I have no idea, but that's the point. How are you?!
    I bought the black 3DS. The blue looks so weird and not blueish. I rather had a silver one like my DS-lite, but the black looks cool. And now I can enjoy the beautiful graphics of OoT3D, three days before you americans *evil laughter*
    ok, just take your time. I only have internet on my 3DS in the weekends and I just wanted to test it out :P
    hey blackicy. I tried to add you as a 3DS friend to see if it works, but I forgot to check this weekend (and I can't seem to connect to another router properly). Did you get my 3DS friend invitation?
    Hey, I don't believe I've ever spoken to you that much. But (late) congrats on being green. ^^ I saw you in a lot of the previous shoutbox convos that are posted on the thread. Looks like you've been here a while. :3
    yay, blackicy is green again (probably way too late with my response). Don't forget to visit the most (in)active, (not so) fun and (super special) awesome section of the entire forum...the hylian noble section :P
    lol people are suprised by your greeness. While the truth is you have been green and purple b4 and not to mention blue :xd:
    Congratulations. I haven't talked to you before, but its not any day we get a new HN.
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