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  • So what you are saying is at the end evil takes him over and at the end he dies after killing all these innocent people.
    I haven't seen the last 4 episodes does Light die or does one of his girlfriends one of them are fake but does any of the main characters die and does Light rule the world and kills Neer or Mellow.
    I like the part when Light gives the notebook to another guy who thinks just like him and Light gets his ex-girlfriend to help him
    I love Ghirahim! He's my, and alot of other people's new favorite villain. I've even made a group about it on ZD!
    Yeah, you would think Norton would be the best anti-virus out there, so I got it, then it messed up my computer XD.

    Screw Morrowind XD. I just couldn't wait, and started Oblivion, and I'm damn happy I did. It is just so much better. I actually made a list of why it is/isn't
    1. Better graphics/Harder
    2. No more "WHAT DO YOU WANT I HAVEN'T MUCH TIME" whenever you pass someone/When you talk, it zooms in on their ugly face.
    3. Better battle system/ There are only like, 4 different voices in the game XD
    Oh, and speaking of Morrowind, did you want the character info or no?
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