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  • Nah I'm not. The only people that really actually annoy me in those games are those that post "For now I'll vote (enter name here), but I'll post my reasoning later cause you'll all forget about if by the next day." >_>
    Sorry for the way I made you feel in the thread. I didn't mean to make you feel like you're not a good player, one of my posts had a paragraph at the bottom about why I was reacting like I was because I knew you could get me killed. :\ I was just being sarcastic/trollin'.
    Wouldn't it be more valid to be upset if I WASN'T scum? If I'm scum, it means I played well. If I'm not scum, it means I'm just an idiot or jerk. :P
    Yeah! I got right up close to Big Ben. I love hearing it chime. :)

    And, yeah. I know what the mad airport rush is like. So many people! And oh no! Hope you weren't too hungry XD. The thing I love about airports is all the people from so many different places! It really interests me to see them all.
    We were just clearing out the attic and we found it. The dress is aging but we're keeping some of it.

    Also, uh oh about the vacum cleaner XD Hope that works out okay for you.

    And yes! I had a fantastic time! But it is so big, really busy. And, really? Were you at a London airport?
    We saw some otters (SO CUTE) but the best was the wildcats! They prowled around the keeper's legs hissing for food and jumping up and catching the food and running off with it. They were so cute but so evil at the same time.

    And aww, thanks but it was way too big. It has lots of roses on though, so I felt pretty anyway. I went to London today. WOW! :D
    Haha loud frogs. Well it's been an amazing day today. Been south of London at my grandmas. We went to a huge wildlife park with so many cute and awesome animals to see. It was so hot! And some more ice cream :D then we had a huge loft clearance and I found something amazing. My mums wedding dress! I got to tr it on :)
    Thank you for the warm welcome, I am honored to be serving our country. Good luck to you in mafia.
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