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  • Ah, i'm good, i'm excited for Pokemon Black And White. It comes out in Australia in two days.. ^^
    So how have you been? Sorry for the late response... ^^
    I'm great, thanks! How are you? I'm an Irish dancer and since it's now the month of March I have a dance performance pretty much every other day. So I'm keeping busy. :) I've also been working on new videos and I got the new Pokemon games yesterday! They're GREAT!
    Yeah, IWBTG was hard, but it's still one of my favorite games, mainly due to the fact that it's actually well-made. I'm playing I Wanna Be The Fangame now, and it's even harder. At the end, there's a tower where you are on a rising platform (much like The Final Tower of the Guy) except that all of the major enemies and obstacles from the game assault you on the way up (It's called "Reunion Tower").

    I like school at well. What are your fave subjects? I like math and German.

    Yeah, I want to play all 3 NES Castlevanias. I've played and beaten the original. I've heard mixed reviews about II, and I've heard that III is excellent. I've also played Circle of the Moon, but after the game froze up and deleted all my data I haven't felt at all like picking it up again. As for Mega Man, I'm going to borrow the MMZero Collection from a friend after he's done.
    Let's see... Read, write, program very basic stuff, memorize useless things (like songs, for example- I've memorized most of the Les Miserables musical, most of Wicked, a substantial portion of the Phoenix Wright musical, not to mention every line of dialogue from adamwestslapdog's Legend of Zelda abridged), and other things of that sort of nature (I'm not an athletic type. At all.) What do you like to do?

    The original NES Castlevania is PAINFUL. I'm playing Super Castlevania IV now on Virtual Console, but it controls horribly due to my using a GameCube controller because of the lack of a Classic Controller. Even despite that, however, it's still great. Mega Man is awesome, though I haven't played much- only Mega Man 2, one of the X games for GBC but not sure which, and Mega Man Zero 2. And Mega Man 9 for the small amount of time it took me to ragequit. I want to play more, though- I like the Zero series the best.

    Have you ever played I Wanna Be The Guy? If you like Mega Man, you'd probably enjoy the simply ridiculous difficulty level of IWBTG. You have 1 HP. That is all you get. Ever. And it takes heavy inspiration from Mega Man- Dr. Wily appears as a boss, as does Devil Dragon from MM2, and there are two whole areas based on Mega Man. They even include that disappearing-reappearing block thing that the Mega Man games are so fond of. Not only that, but there's a Castlevania II themed area, complete with Dracula as a boss. It's an 8-bit gamer's dream come true. Oh, and Link kills you at one part. That is all. XD
    Fine thanks. How are you? :D

    As for games I like, my second favorite series after Zelda is the Ace Attorney series, which is AMAZING. Then the Castlevania series, especially the DS ones. Cave Story, the Donkey Kong Country series (especially DKC2 and Returns), Professor Layton series, Luigi's Mansion, all of the Mario RPGs, Final Fantasy III and IV, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and Heroes of Mana are some of my other favorite games. What about you?

    I also love game music- the soundtrack to every game I just mentioned is on my iPod. Do you like game music as well?
    That´s cool! I have a Megaman game on my Virtual Console, Megaman II and it´s really fun! I really like Metroid games too but I only have the first one.
    Well obviously I love Zelda games, my fave is Ocarina of Time, and I also like Mario, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Animal Crossing, the original Donkey Kong Country games, and lots else! I pretty much stick to 1st party most of the time. What about you?
    I'm good thanks, how are you? I like to Irish dance and play video games. I make lots of game reviews and I'm developing a website for them all.
    I always have difficulties answering these sorts of questions "How have you been?", "How are you?", "How is it going?"! :xd:
    But very well, I have been feelin' good, I got my very first real signature up yesterday, so yeah! ^^
    So, how have YOU been, Godkarmachine?! :)
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