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  • So Godkarmachine, what do you think of the music in the Zelda games, I for one love it!! <3
    The composer of most of the Zelda music is called Koji Kondo (in case you didn't know), and he has composed the music for the Super Mario games too.
    A while back I created a group here on the forums for other people who liked Koji Kondo, would you like to join?! In the group you can discuss with others about Koji Kondo and his true masterpieces!! :D

    A Link to the Group :P
    Oh, I see it now! *facepalm*
    Sorry for not intorducing myself, but as you can see, i'm MM98!~ So i'm guessing you like pokemon... Are you going to buy Black & White?
    I have alot. :O

    I'll just name my favorite series':

    Half Life
    Sonic (is okay)
    Professor Layton
    Left 4 Dead
    Dead Rising
    Resident Evil

    and there are probably alot more, but i'm slightly pushed for time. :P
    Oh, so where do you live if your time is 8 hours after the Swedish time?! :hmm:
    My very first Zelda game was Wind Waker, and that game is still my favorite, after that I'd put Ocarina of Time. Since then I've managed to get my hands on every Zelda game to date!! :)
    Twilight Princess was my favorite Zelda game a while though, due to the facts that it was the first Zelda game that I actually beat, I still love that game, although I do seem to have over played it; you see, I have played it 5 times: one 100%, one 3 hearts, one I played in one day (14h 57min), and normal twice. :D
    I gotta go to eat breakfast now, see ya'!!
    Well I'm fine thanks.
    I play a lot of Zelda (of course), but I also play quite much Mario, Pokémon and Kirby, and a wee bit Animal Crossing. :D
    So what about you?! :hmm:
    That's not a stupid question at all!

    The hearts are 'rep' points. You get rep from other members if you make a good post, or a post that they like.

    The points come from posting, making threads, getting rep and other things.

    Hope that helped :P
    Yeah I love Megaman 8bit music. It and Mother 1 are my favorite 8-bit tunes. Their remixes are really good too.
    My favorite is Majoras Mask followed VERY closely bu Ocarina of Time. Is that you in your profile picture? Nice Mageman shirt. In my opinion 2 is the best. :)
    Cool! Which one is your favorite? Mine is easily Earthbound. Whats your favorite Zelda?
    Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon forums, Mr. Godkar. :)

    You'll be staying on the 789th floor, in the 7th room to the left. We advise that you stay away from the bathroom, as there have been reports of a giant squid monster living in there. :O

    Enjoy your stay!
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