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  • Happy New Year! (I'm only 7 days late, but whatever :P)
    Yeah, I've been doing other stuff as well. We'll have to go on a hunt some other time though, I just moved my wii upstairs so I haven't played it in a while.
    Glad to see a Mega Man fan around. Sorta seems like we're a dying breed. :sweat: Don't blame you for being angry after what's happened lately with Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe.

    Awesome Mythos avatar, btw.
    Ah, sure. :yes: I'm at ZH's house right now but, ya know, I've got school on monday so, yeah... I have to wake up at 5 in the morning.
    Ah crap... I think I added you. If not we can always add each other the next time we go on a hunt. :yes:
    of course, i'll actually have to practice it a bit cause i know i'll be rusty cause ever since MVC3 came out i stopped playing TVC as often, i always would just to play as Frank West again
    i was going to start one today but it must have been one of the other guys at Capcom Unity cause i dropped off a link to PatitionOnline in case i didn't get to have the time to make it it could be either cause of that or someone had the mindset to do so

    and yea i don't mind doing that for TVC, i'll make a video informing the youtube users about it soon i have two others to upload
    hey by the way, what do you think of this idea to include games like TVC, MVC3, and MK9 in my fight requests

    people would have a choice of two things for each game,

    choice 1: training mode with a chosen time limit for the video as well as choosing the team they want me to have and the team the CPU will have

    choice 2: someone can request for me to play through the arcade mode with their team of choice, but it is to be understood that i can only fight Yami with my best team so i will cut out the fight with Yami unless someone happens to request the characters i'm great with
    that's why i'm starting a patition for this, everyone is so buisy throwing insults at Capcom that they forget that there's still a chance to get this game back, maybe even Megaman Universe
    I hope you don't have to fight him in number 3... He kicks ***! As long as Travis and Henry don't die I'm alright with the new one. It is kinda hard to think they're brothers, doesn't make sense. Same thing with 1 were they pulled a Star Wars move with that knight dude being your "father" and how Jeane's really your sis, some f***ed up stuff right there... i gtg, ttyl!
    Yeah, I didn't get the Henry part at all.. I was like: "WTF is going on? Oh looky, a cute robot girl thing... oh s***! I have to kill it? But I can't, its so adorable! OUCH! That little mother f***er just hit me! I'm gonna f***in murder that thing! RARW!!!!!" *it dies* "Thats what you get when you mess with Henry Touchdown! Oh, flowers, yay!"
    :lol: That s*** was messed up! But then again, basicaly everything about that game is messed up. I love that one line Travis has: "Everyone handles grief differently, right? Some people f*** at funerals, I cut off heads." That cracked me up!

    I gotta say, that Matt Helms dude scared the hell out of me. It wasn't because he was undead, just the part were that creepy kid tries to kill you... ugh.
    I don't think so, I was kinda thinking it might be that dude who was friends with Bishop and asked Shinobu to give Travis the two beam katanas. I really have no idea, but I do know I'm gonna miss Travis...
    I agree, but it was easier in some ways because you didn't have to pay to fight in rankings. I heard news about the third game that devastated me... Suda51 said that they were going to release it on the next main Nintendo system (WiiU) which is fine, but they said that Travis' story ended in the second game, so no more Travis... damn.
    Cool, I'll look it up.
    I was wondering if you've ever played No More Heroes? Its one of my favorite series.
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