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  • I heard Shadow the Hedgehog wasn't that good, idk, I haven't played it yet. I was kinda looking for another Star Fox game because I remember I was at my friends a long time ago, and he had an awesome one. Leave it to me to get the only one without guns (Dinosaur Planet). :lol:

    Whats Viewtiful Joe about? I've heard of him but never played any of his games...
    I've got these gc games: soulcalibur 2 (cause Link's in it!), pikmin 2, LoZ WW, LoZ TP, SSBM, Godzilla DAMM, LoZ collector'e ed. (OoT, LoZ, TAoL, MM), Pokemon colosseum, robotech battlecry, star fox adventures: dinosaur planet, super mario sunshine, kirby air ride, monsters inc., Metroid 1 and 2, mario golf, LoZ FSA, and mario kart DD.
    Apart from OoT3D, I'm waiting for Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 3D, Star Fox 3D (if that's the correct name), and this brand new Mario game that has been rumored! :D
    Yeah I have a math final tomorrow but that's the only final we get.

    I've never really liked the sound of my voice and it gets really weird when I have a cold (like I do now). Don't you always think your own voice sounds weird when you hear it?
    Cool! I got a 3DS too, on March 25 here i Europe! :) Thought, I didn't buy any games at all, cuz I didn't find any of the released games to be very interesting, but I'm gonna buy OoT3D on June 17, when it arrives here in Europe! :D

    By the way, which games did you buy?! :huh:
    Ugh school! I have 7 days left (but a bunch are nonsense because I'm an 8th grader and we don't do much the last few days) and then it's SUMMER! And I cannot WAIT! I have a whole list of all the games and stuff I want to play, and I'm hoping to make lots of YouTube videos!
    Well, I bought OoS and OoA a while back. So I'm quite caught up in those games right now. I'm also about to beat TP for a seventh time soon, and right now I'm eating a melon! :D
    But hey, I have a question to ask you. Which game are you looking forward to the most, OoT3D or SS?! I'm looking forward to both of them really much, although, I do look forward to SS more since it's a brand new game! :)
    Ahoy there Godkarmachine! :wave: Long time no chat eh! So, how have you been?! :huh:
    As for me, life is extraordinary at the moment! Though, there are no particular reasons, I just feel really great! :D

    See you around! :)
    Ah yes, I am sorry for the late response too, I have two assignments due in.. -.-"
    Haha, well theres always Emulators? Thats how my sister plays it, but I think i'd rather wait until I can actually play it on the proper DS ^^
    Ah, sorry for not responding ^^
    I'm probably going to buy White, but my sister will get Black so I can play both (if she will let me touch hers) ~ Which one are you looking on buying?
    I'm sorry! Can you resend it? I'll accept this time! I don't normally accept friend requests from people I haven't talked with.
    Sounds good! Oh what's your YouTube username? I might have declined the friend request....
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