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  • Josie told me about a website called Mangafox and it has all the current published Zelda Mangas if you're interested.
    And by the way, would you like to fight me sometime on TvC? Online of course, hope there's not much lag...
    You could also make the people put you challenges... playing with your best team without using ultra moves, no air combos, no character switching, etc.

    Out of your options, I liked the second one best
    Oh and I don't know if you are informed of this... there's already a petition for MML3 (Don't know if it's yours though xD)
    You should see Capcom Unity, all we members are making a mess, it's filling with swears and strong language... But I think they deserve it, after sending us fans hopes to the sky
    Yeah, I just saw it. I'm very pleased by it. I just hope that's not the full list because I really want to see more levels. Generations looks good so far. Lately Sega has been doing good by Sonic but I have a feeling it'll get old really fast. I had one problem with the demo. Sonic felt too sensitive and moved too fast. I really hope we get to fight Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Whoa, you're going to pre-order a Sonic game? I never pay full price for Sonic. And damn you Sega! trying to charge for DLC before the game is even out.

    That sucks. I don't even play online much and I find XBOX Live worth it.
    Yo dude, I see your a huge Sonic fan like I am. What do you think of Generations so far? Have you played the demo yet?

    Oh and what's your gamertag?
    Let's Play channel? Sounds great! Looking forward to that! What are you planning to start with? It'd be great to see you getting frustrated at IWBTG. But there's too many LPs of that one.
    Super Late Reply 64! Anyway, I'm not exactly an established member either, but I guess I just got teached about these things a bit better. Have you tried I Wanna be the Guy yet? Sorry if I'm annoying you by bringing it up, but I've seen you're into old school stuff, and that game was made for people like that.
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