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Hylian Knight
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  • Happy 4th of july!
    Beats me.
    Gibdo + Gibdo = ReDead.
    Kind of like Positive + Positive = Negative, or whatever my science teacher said.
    do you mean the kikwi beanbags? I made those before joining here, or reading over any posts. Once I had some I just wanted to find some Zelda lovers to share them with, since I think they turned out pretty dang cute ;)
    Sounds like a huge game! It would be cool to see a Zelda game on that scale of depth.
    Not much new going on. Starting to look for colleges, prep for an upcoming AP test, etc. Mostly school-related blah. How about you?
    Don't worry about taking a while to respond... I wasn't hardly on the forums for a couple of weeks, so I wasn't really paying attention!

    Well, if you're playing one of the Elder Scrolls games, it would make sense that you haven't played the Kirby game yet! Haven't personally played it, but know a lot of people who have, and they say the Elder Scrolls games are massive. Yeah, the original Resident Evil's controls are difficult. Even after a few hours, I still was struggling with the controls. Is RE4 any better than the first?

    Now that you mention it, I do recall what a brain hemorrhage is... pretty sure it was something I learned in freshman health class. Glad to hear that the hemorrhage wasn't recent, since the body heals so much better and quicker at a young age. :)

    Oh, here's the link to the site: Zelda Symphony

    Hopefully you can make it!
    Hey! Sorry I've taken a while to reply... I was on Spring Break last week and was incredibly lazy. Anyway though, sounds like an interesting project! The brain is really fascinating... I had no idea ASL did projects like that! So, I feel like I should know this, but what is a brain hemmorhage? I have a general idea, but its still kind of vague to me! Well, hopefully your girlfriend is healing from it!

    How is the Kirby game? I heard it was an anticipated game because it was the first "classic" Kirby platformer in a while? Which Resident Evil did you get? I recently played the remake of the original on Wii... but I scared myself silly!

    Did the symphony come your city already? They recently announced more dates online!
    I need like 5 more stars to get to the center of the universe. Well, you'll like the galaxies you'll discover in the future
    I live in the Tampa area currently. My family is in the Air Force, and so I'm only living here for a few months more, though. I really love this place, I wishI didn't have to leave.
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