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  • Hehe I kinda just went and got those off of Google Images to give you an idea of the look, not sure where that is :sweat:
    It looks like any other rural area you'd see there, those pictures remind me of where I'm from (Hatillo) which is why I chose them xD

    And yeah Pitbulls have such a bad rep, it's so sad v.v
    Ah, that's a hard question to answer xD Puerto Rico is just everything you could ask for in any place. It's beautiful, fun, friendly, and full of life. It's very diverse, you got city folk and country folk. I'm from way out in the country. Puerto Rico's rural areas are some of the most beautiful I'VE personally ever seen. Rolling green hills (Puerto Rico's incredibly small however it takes hours to get from place to place because of the huge mountains), tall palm trees, you find open space to dense rainforest in practically the same town! Ahh, I really don't know how to describe it to you without going on and on for days xD Imagine waking up and seeing this every morning:


    Ah . . . it's paradise

    Poodles are so cute ^.^ I love the name Waldo too xD
    I got a Pitbull named Mia :)
    Well it's sort of a vacation, I was born and spent most of my earlier childhood there so it's what I consider my home, but my parents are planning on me finishing highschool in Connecticut (where I am now). So I'm going there for probably the last time until the end of the school year v.v

    A puppy!! I'm happy for you xD Do you know what kind of dog he/she is?
    lol it's fine!

    My summer's been pretty good, doing little things here and there, I'm pretty much spending it waiting for August when I go back to Puerto Rico xD

    How's yours ??
    I loved the cats in TP ^.^ Especially talking to them in wolf form :lol:

    Well with both the fun cats and addictiveness of Zelda it's not long before we see a GengleDruggie screename come up xD
    It wasn't that bad. XD

    Except for the final multiple choice passage and the persuasive prompt if you know what I mean...:sweat:Terrible, terrible prompt...
    It would be nice to see a LoZ game of that depth but not with the first person that just wouldn't be right for a LoZ game.
    Actually I've spent most of my time doing doing school stuff also and was hoping to go on a date with my GF yesterday but no unfortunately and fortunately I couldn't go.
    The Un is because come on a date with my GF but fortunate is the reason why it turned out that they were becoming official members of the church and were having the pastor come over.
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