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  • Yes I am still in college, just finished exams. You seem to not be here very often; I am glad to see you are doing OK, and that you have not forgotten to answer me. :) How are you doing lately?
    Ah, that sucks. I don't think you're the only one who hasn't played the game yet but you definitely will want to avoid the SS and Article sections if you don't want spoilers, lol.
    Just finished college (this semester anyway). It has been hard and tiresome.. I bought SS on lunch day, but... exams fgot in the way and I had to stop playng for a week thanks o Motion Plus not working and bought a new controller. Other than that, I bough Mario for 3DS! But I can´t play right now much. My parents have been doing a lot of thigns lately like shopping and such. Which means I must help them and as a result I get little sleep, and only have the late hours of the night (2-4 a.m) to play... so I haven´t advance much yet, although I completed half the game by now all this month since launch. It is very enjoyable, many sidequests are fun and engagin and combat is great, so I think you'll like it. I have not been for a while here either, mainly because of college, but good to be back and to see you back! :) How is your holiday season? And Christmas? I wonder how australians celebrate Christmas.
    Oh hey, great to see you back! I'm doing pretty good, I'm home for break for a month so I'm pretty happy about that =P. And yeah, I got my ranked elevated to admin a few days ago, p cool. How have you been?
    Hey how are you!! Long time no see... I hope you still remeber me. I have been some rough time at college, but now I want to retur fully to the forum since SS is close to be released. So, how are you doing?
    Ah, Full Metal Panic... I watched some of it but I guess I couldn't really get too into it. I found the spinoff series, Fumofu, pretty entertaining though. xP Hope you had a good birthday!
    thats nice, im doing great! i finally finished mm, and i alos moved away from guatemala, im in the states now, and our next rip is to kampala, uganda, africa :) for at least 3 years :/ i dont wanna live there that long though :)
    I am yet again jealous of the Gir related stuff that I never seem to be able to find. :( I'm sure it's not that expensive though...right? O_O
    Awesome! We'll go together to the next one. :3
    Yeah, the vlog I posted was really quiet because I couldn't talk loud or I would be detected. :( Oh well. You can make a blog of your own with Google blogger, it's easy and it's actually quite fun! I'll be vlogging again today, because I'll be getting my copy of OOT 3DS!!!!!! :D Even though I don't have a 3DS yet, the game comes with an Ocarina of Time, and some music for it. I'm so excited!! :D
    Oh hai MM. I've been good. And ZD was down today, i'm suprised you could even send a VM :O What about yourself?
    I watched the first five episodes or so a few months ago, and I've been meaning to watch the whole thing for a while now. I somehow manage to keep putting it off.
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