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  • Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for not replying, I've had so much going on.. But I should be online more often now. I really feel bad for not telling you and just leaving, I'm sorry. :(
    How're you? Still at college?
    Hey~ Sorry for the late reply, i've been off here for like... ever. Yeah, SS is released now (where I am anyway).. and I hope i'm not the only one who hasn't actually played it yet ^^" I bought it for Christmas... 5 more days and I can play it.
    Oh, and i'm doing well, not much going on, just busyness ^^ What about you?
    Ah, i'm sorry for the late response! ^^ I don't really have groups for homework. I have to do it by myself -.-"
    I'll have a look at the 3DS when it comes out! I'm looking forward to buying it ^^
    I'm good! Sorry for not responding ~ I have high school, it's a big pain =.=
    I'm alright, i've had a couple bad days this week though... :( How about yourself? And no, I don't watch Bleach, but I hear there's a lot of fans of it. So it's good? There's a lot of people i've seen on Zelda Dungeon that like it...
    Well I do, but, I think i'm a bit young to actually watch it... Eden of the East ? I don't think I have ever watched it. Haha, my sister likes Lelouch, I wont tell you what she told me happens in the end though just in case you change your mind and decide to start watching it again ^^
    Haha, I guess i'm not one of those girls... >.< I find that sort of stuff slightly disturbing to me actually...
    So what is your favourite anime?
    I was with my family, we went to the horse races. I didn't think you would know it. ^^ Eh, no, I haven't seen Yaoi, and my sister just explanined what it is : \ Do you like it...?
    Thanks ~ I was reading "MeruPuri" it's my favourite manga but it's not very popular. And what do you mean by "whom did you spend it then?"
    Oh, and I might not reply for a little while because i'm going on a family holiday.
    I really only use sparklers for birthdays and Christmas, so I rarely use them also. At least you spent it with some family ^^
    On Christmas day, all I did was read manga :P
    Haha, we were also looking for sparklers for New Years Eve, we looked in like 4 stores until we finally found some :bleh: I wish you a happy new year aswell! Have a fun time with your family aswell! Thanks ^^
    So what are you doing on New Years Eve?
    Haha ~ Yeah, I have actually gotten lots of clothes and an iPod Touch ^^ Sorry, but I might not reply for awhile because i'll be busy with other things during the Christmas Holidays :(
    Aww, thank you! You too :) I haven't played Sonic for ages. I'm hearing some pretty good feedback for Sonic this week. I'm actually signed in from my Grandparents house :P
    So have a Happy Christmas aswell! ^^
    Sorry for the late reply ~! Sonic Colours? I've never heard of that one. Hmm... Well, I hear Donkey Kong Returns is supposed to be pretty good. Ah, yeah, I have to get some new ones too. My sister yells at me because i've been borrowing some of her clothes lately. Surprisingly I fit in some of them, it's weird. ^^
    So now I think it's like, 22 days until Christmas. I'm really excited.
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