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  • It relates to the image editing program called Photoshop. PSD is the save file for a Photoshop Document.
    Hey Happy Birthday squadala!

    Have some Zelda Cake
    Thanks. :)

    I would have used my favorite verse (Philippians 4;13), but another member already has that one, though I can't blame her. =D That is one superb verse. At any rate, thanks for the welcome, Squadala, and I hope to see you around.
    Hey nice to meat you do you like Rare Zelda or should I say Rare Selda's will you be my friend........?
    Oh yeah but it was 2 things. 1. a faulty grill 2. not a zelda pizza. and 3. (wait...fail) and random boy dancing around watching my toast burn and decides not to tell me then he later stole my cheese. -_- ~That's what happened to the last person who stole my cheese. Don't let the next be you.
    Jah, will do! I hope it doesn't catch on fire or anything like last year...
    Megaman music has always been awesome, even the tunes that are considered bad... mother one (or earthbound zero) has awesome music, I specially like the battle theme (that appears as the sanctuary boss theme... kind of)
    castlevania also has awesome 8bit tunes, do you like castlevania?
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