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  • Hey Nicole...I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for how mean I was to you back when I was active here, years ago. It looks like you don't really check the forum anymore, but if you do, I left a PM explaining more.
    Happy 18th Birthday, Nicole! I hope you use the rights that come with being a legal adult wisely and also accept its responsibilities.
    Didn't I tell you to stop being so damn pretty? Why don't you listen to a thing I say?!
    Wow, that's intense, practice in Christmas Eve! Good luck with basketball this season!

    Yes, I do have a winter break. In fact, it started back on December 12th and it will last until January 13th. A whole month off, believe it or not. The week after I get back from break, my pre-season for lacrosse starts! Exciting stuff for sure.

    I'm sorry, I really do need to get on Skype more often. I maybe check it once a week? I had so much more time in the summer...
    I'm pretty sure that time slot works for me as well! :)

    I'm glad I could help you with your Christmas list! I'm attempting to figure out what I want to make for my secret Santa gift. It's more difficult than I thought!
    Hey girl! I would love to arrange some time to talk with you! That would be great.

    Yes, I remember! It would be "Moonlit Path" by Bath and Body Works! :)
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