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Pop 360
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  • You know what? If you have the time now, you could just make your character now and pm it to me. I will keep it safe in case you are not around when the sign ups occur. Just go with this basic stuff and keep in mind that it will be set in the world of wind waker, so imagine a character based on that world.

    Well, there is a time when one has to move onward. Life is just like that, you find yourself doing some things, and then you all of a sudden find yourself doing other things and forget about the ones in the past. But I bet she'll show up in the future, I am hoping that she does, like you did today. It really is good to see you, Pops. :) I will start a Zelda fanfic soon enough, a short one at that, hope you join the cast when I set up the sign up thread in a few days. If you are not around, I will just include you by default. :P
    Yeah, hey, it's good that you're back! Hope you remain active and in contact with me. I'll always be here in case you need anything. ~Gobli
    Oh my gosh guys, It's been a while, I haven't checked my ZD in ages. I have to admit I completely forgot about here for a while, I don't think I'll be really sticking around either but as soon as my Exams are over (Soon!) I'll be back here for a while if you guys still want me, haha.
    Yo Pop! Gabe here and I decided to check your profile but you still have not been on! As soon as you get this, Swapnote me! Well, see yah later!
    Y u no back yet?!

    Hope you enjoyed your International Women's Day!

    See you soon hopefully!

    Hey Pop 360! I made a new ZD account! remember me from the 3ds on your friends list? Well, it is Gabe and I just wanted to say hi! Send me a swapnote when yah can! bye.
    hey pop i was wondering since i am friends with gabe he told me i might want to add you. my friend code is: 0302 0466 8824. i looked on the friend code forum and couldnt find yours and was wondering if i could get it! thx
    Hi Pop! I noticed you have a lot of VM's so you might no be able to reply right away but, hi.
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