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  • Yes I've also played IWBTF, the final boss was hilarious xD specially because I've always hated it xD I'm not going to tell you who it is in case you haven't seen it yet

    About school my favorite subjects are neuroanatomy and histology, hard ones, but they are really interesting

    Castlevania III is indeed, excellent, I is great too because of its soundtrack and challenge, about Simon's Quest, I kind of liked it, but the bosses are a great dissapointment, and a walkthrough is ESSENTIAL to beat it because there are insufficient clues on it. Megaman Zero Collection is great, only flaw is that the screen display is the same size from the Game Boy Advance :(
    Like you, I'm not an athletic guy at all, I like to read, listen music, I sometimes play guitar though i'm not so good at it, studying and school (those can be pretty cool if you study something that you like xD)
    If you think Castlevania IV is hard, you should check out Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, it's one of the hardest games i've ever beat, both of them are great neverthless, specially Super Castlevania IV because of its masterful feeling and soundtrack (wait until you see the final boss) Megaman Zero series are great and really challenging, you should really check out the first one, or even better, Megaman Zero Collection for the DS :)

    About IWBTG yeah I've beat that game and it was real masochistic xD, specially because of the glitches and the game suddenly crashes at times... but the traps were fun... But I deleted it from my computer after beating it because of all the suffering it maked me pass D:
    I'm fine, thanks for asking :D
    My favorite games are Zelda of course, Megaman (my fav of all), Castlevania is great but I tend to like the NES and SNES ones better, Luigi's Mansion is also awesome, Mario RPG's too, I like the whole Mario series, Viewtiful Joe, Pokemon, Resident Evil, Star Fox 64, and many more xD

    As for game music, of course I like it :D I have all of the Megaman and Megaman X series, Star Fox 64, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV and Majora's Mask soundtracks
    What else do you like to do?
    I just looked at the post you sent me! I understand EVERYTHING about prof.Layton! You'r avatar was the fake Layton! That was when The bad prof. loved Claire! I loved that part in the game! I can't believe that Even adult Luke was bad! I do feel bad for adult Luke though!
    OK sure but you should get one because most of the people on ZD are also on Skype...................
    Hey SuperGanondorf! I like you'r avatar because it's Proffesor Layton related! I beat Prof. Layton and the Unwound Future! If you want to add me Please do it! Go Layton!
    Hi there nice to meet you do you have Skype also I want to be your friend because you seem like a real nice guy who like Zelda good job buddy you rock.
    Also their also already is a Thread about your Fav LoZ BGM(s) I posted in it once but don't remember the actual name.
    You those guys just there are enemies you kill just wait till you find you can't kill like the Bubbles in Dungeons and there's this fence area that you have to cross to get to certain area/ dungeon that has these enemies that throw rocks at you. I've tried to use Jump Spell to kill them and it just just a few pixles shy of killing them.
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