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  • hey gabe i got the siggy to work, the next time you come over u gotta c it and maybe we can make won 4 u.
    Ahoy Gabe! How's it going! I bought OoT3D on the 17th! It really is extraordinary! :D

    Anyway, guess what just happened! I got a second heart here at the forums! :D

    By the way, you've got some great music here in your log! ;)
    hey gabe today my basketball rolled in the middle of the road , and it got hit by a van. it flung into to ditch, i chased it down and i found out it was perfectly fine (with little marks) and continued shooting!!
    Now I have to wait for Netflix! and all those awesome games shown at E3! I suppose I might need money then huh....
    You know what Gabes, My aunt did a party, but not for me. But My cousin bought me a birthday cake and we are going to cut it tomorrow. I've been fine. I got a present yesterday.
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